Time Line

  • 300

    BCE Euclid Studies Math and Geometry

     BCE Euclid Studies Math and Geometry
    Euclid also studied spherical geometry, number theory and rigor.
    He was also reffered to the Father of Geometry. Euclid has influenced a large amount of the math we do today, This is important because without him we would not have the knowledge that he discovered.
  • 312

    BCE First highways abd aqueducts are built

    The Aqueducts were built from a combination of stone, brick and some volcanic cement. This is important because Aqueducts and Highways have both influenced our daily lives today greatly. We still use highways today although a bit more modernized. And some countries still may depend on Aqueducts.
  • 404

    The Peloponnesian War Ends

    The Peloponnesian War Ends
    In the end of the war Sparta defeated Athens. Sparta recieved support from Persia to win the war. After the destruction of Athens' fleet Athens was devastated. After a year, they finally surrendered. This is important because this proved that Sparta had a stronger army force than Athens.
  • 431

    The Peloponnesian War

    The Peloponnesian War
    The Peloponnesian War was between Athens and Sparta. In the first part of the war, Sparta repeatedly invaded Athens. And while this happened Athen's army weakened. Athens and Sparta both invaded eachothers territory. The only people involved were Athens and Sparta. This is important because Athens and Sparta were both tthe most well known cities of Ancient Greece, and it was important for them to see who was most powerful.
  • 431

    431- 404 BCE The Greek city-states are weakened through competition with one another and heavy taxes during the Peloponnesian Wars

    I think that this is important because this shows us that an excessive amount of competition can bring out the worst of us, In this time city-states were competing too harshly with one another and in the end everyone suffered.
  • 505

    BCE Cleisthenes establishes the first democratic constitution Free speech and political involvement is extended to all Greek citizens

    I think that this is important because they were the very first people to come up with a democracy. And also it is very important that they decided to let all the citizens vote and take part in Politics.
  • Jan 1, 621

    BCE Athens develops a written code of laws.

    I think that this is important because during those times people may have not respected a law, or followed a verbal law. And also people would most likely know the law better, and may not be able to create conflict against the law if it is written.
  • Jan 1, 650

    BCE Tyrants rule some Greek city-states as a result of the poorer classes' discontent with the ruling class.

    I think that this is important because this is an example of Tyranny gone wrong. In my opinion, this is interesting because usually the poorer people do not like a Tyranny. And I am surprised that people would want a Tyranny.
  • Jan 1, 700

    -800 BCE Homer the blind poet writes Oddysey and Illiad

    -800 BCE Homer the blind poet writes Oddysey and Illiad
    Homer was known to be extremely popular in Ancient Greece. Much of this is due to the fact that he write in poetry during the Trojan war era. He has a great influence on Greek people because he was a great poet, and his work spoke to people. Also he was admired because he was able to create rich poetry despite being blind.
  • Jan 1, 753

    BCE Romulus and Remus found the city of Rome, according to legend

    Romulus and Remus were both twin brothers whose mother set them adrift in the water because she was scared someone would do her children harm. Many were involved in this legend some people was a wolf, and a shepherd and his wife who adopted the twins. Later Romulus and Remus found that they wanted to be kings. So they built a city on the shore of the Tiber. Since they only wanted one king Romulus picked up a rock and killed Remus with it. I think this is important because this is how the Ancient
  • Jan 1, 776

    BCE First Olympic Games

    BCE  First Olympic Games
    (BCE) This is the date that the first Olympics took place in ancient Olympia. This was a series of athletic competitions. The Olympics were held in honor of Zeuss and other Greek Representatives. This is important because the Olympics are still held today, and it is important to realize how traditions have carried on. And how we learn from our past.
  • (44) BCE Julius Caesar is assassinated on the Ides of March

    The murder of Caesar was on a significant date known as the Ides of March. Caesar was assassinated because the Senate feared that Caesar was becoming too powerful. This is important because they feared that Caesar would overthrow them and become a Tyrant.
  • (49) BCE Julius Caesar seizes complete control of Rome as dictator

    This was a very interesting time for the Romans. Most of the Romans were happy that Caesar had been crowned dictator for life. However the Sennett was not pleased. Caesar had a great influence on the people. The people of Rome adored him. This is important because this is one of reasons that he was murdered.
  • (60)BCE Julius Caesar and two other powerful generals take contol of the Roman government

    Julius Caesar had a great influence on the people of Rome. He was honoured and respected by many citizens. This was important because this shows that Romans did not believe in dictatorship. They wanted a few people to rule.
  • BCE Roman Colosseum is built

    The Roman Colosseum is a big part of Rome’s history. The Roman Colosseum was mostly used for gladiatorial contests. The construction started with an emperor named Vespasian and was finally completed with Titus. This is important because the Colosseum still remains today, even though it has weakened over time. This proves how strong the Ancient Romans were at architecture.
  • BCE The Persians are defeated in the Battle of the Marathons

      BCE The Persians are defeated in the Battle of the Marathons
    This is when the Persia invaded Greece. This battle was fought between Athens ( with help from Plataea) and the Persians. This is important because Persia was known to have a strong army, and conquered many regions easily, Greece was the exception.
  • BCE Plato's Academy

      BCE Plato's Academy
    Plato was both a Philosopher and a Mathematician. He was the first person in Ancient Greece to open a school for higher education. Plato, Aristotle ( His student), and Socrates (His mentor) all helped lay down the foundations of western Philosophy and Science.
  • BCE Socrates is charged

      BCE Socrates is charged
    Socrates was Plato's mentor. Socrates was charged of corrupting the minds of the Young, refusing to acknowledge the Gods, and Introducing new Deities. He was sentenced to death.
  • BCE Sparta develops the first Greek written law to govern its Military City-state

    I think this is important because during those times it was especially hard to become a strong government. This was a step towards making a better government. And when laws are written it is usually followed more compared to a verbal law.