The World Before the Great War

  • Britain and Belgium

    Britain agrees to defend the neutrality of Belgium. Neutral landing base on continental Europe
  • Period: to

    "splendid isolation"

    British foreign policy (similar to Bismack's start, especially under Disraeli
  • Dual Monarchy Created

    created after 1867 compromise
  • Franco-Prussian War

    France loses to Prussia and thus loses Alsace Lorraine
  • Period: to

    industrialization spreads from Europe to America

  • Period: to

    Bismarck as Chancellor

    Bismarck as Chancellor of Germany until removed by Wilhelm II.
    Creates Germany as "the new giant in the midst"
  • Period: to

    Bismarckian System of Foreign Policy

    Goal is to isolate France.
  • Period: to

    “a trois in a Europe of five powers”

    Bismarck was allied with at least two of the following five powers: Great Britain, France, Austria Hungary, Russia, and Germany
  • Period: to

    German/French Relations

    Rivalry due to Alsace-Lorraine argument, Germany foreign policy is to isolate France. Germany's main focus of attack created in 1894 was to attack by way of Belgium. Actually follow through in 1914.
  • Period: to


    France and Germany
    Austria Hungary and Russia
  • Period: to

    Three-Emperor's League

    unstable alliance between Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany
  • Period: to


    geopolitics: "what is best for my nation" leads to war
    calculations of power for national interest
  • Period: to

    Dual Alliance

    Germany and Austria Hungary.
  • Period: to


    conservative and religious, Christian deceny and respect for human rights- Guide for British foreign policy, public opinion played a great role in his foreign policy
  • Period: to

    League of Three Emperor's Revival

    revival of the league of three emperors between Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany
  • Period: to

    Triple Alliance

    Active into the war. Austria Hungary, Germany, Italy.
  • Period: to

    Reinsurance Treaty

    Between Germany and Russia. if Germany fights with France Russia will stay out so Germany will avoid a two-front war
  • Mediterranean Agreement

    Britain, Italy, Austria-Hungary agreement to keep the status quo in the Meidterranean
  • Period: to


    largest ethnic group in the Balkans-slavs
    nationalistic urge in Russia for the Balkans becasue of this
    nationaists in the area want to create indpendent nations in the Balkans
    previously been part of the Ottoman Empire
    Austria expands into this area
  • Franco-Russian Alliance

    economic and military alliance because France gives loans to Russia. if germany attacks either party the fight is on
  • Germany Creates World Policy

    Early plans for WWI. Growth in the navy, and dual alliance wiht Austria-Hungary
  • Period: to


    countries preparing for war
    4 evidences: increased military spending, push for the development of military technology, general support for militaristic goals and plans, and the influence of military leaders on the political decisions of a nation
    conscription, propaganda
  • Period: to


    economic power=military power
  • Russo-Japanese War

    Lost by Russia, questionable strength now
  • Period: to

    Entente Cordiale

    military alliance between Britain and France, settled colonial differences over North Africa
  • Morroco

    France controlled the area but Wilhelm the second began to quesiton the control
    Conference goes down Jan 16- April 7
  • Dreadnought HMS

    british ship, revolutionary in naval race
  • Period: to

    Triple Entente

    Active during the war. Britain, France, and Russia. Settle past colonial differences in Persia, Tibet, and Afghanistan.
  • Germany sends gunboat Panther to port of Agadir

  • Balkan League

    Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece, went to war with europe in the first Balkan War
  • Second Balkan War

    Bulgaria vs. Serbia (with help of Greece)
    Bulgaria had to give up land
  • Treaty of Bucharest

    session of Macedonia land
  • Serbia emerges

    After the second Balkan War Serbia emerges as a strong Balkan power