The World Before the Great War

  • Dual Monarchy

    Austria- Hungary became a dual monarchy in 1867 under the Austro- Hungarian Comprimise of 1867
  • Period: to

    Austria-Hungarian Empire

    Austria- Hungary lasted from 1867-1918 at the en dof WWI
  • Disraeli' s 1st term as Prime Minister

    Benjamin Disraeli's 1st term as Prime Minister of Great Britain he was suceeded by Gladstone
  • splendid isolation/ industrialism and industrial output

    for the british the time when they were blone and not involved in any of the alliances made throughout europe, they were building their industry and military and economy
  • Alsalce- Lorriane

    the French lost the Franco- Prussian war and had to give up the territory of Alsalce- Lorraine to the Germans
  • Period: to

    militarism and deterrence

    counrties threoughout europe started to build up there militaries to have a bogger military so that they could not be defeated by their enemies
  • Bismarckian foriegn policy

    Bismarck did not want colonization for Germany. he also made alliances to be the peace maker. did not train anyone after he left office in 1890.
  • a new giant in its midst

    When Germany became unified they became a big power in europe and continuted to grow powerful throught the late 1800s
  • Period: to

    Otto von Bismarck

    Chancellor of Germany
  • Three Emperors League

    Russia, Germany, Austria- Hungary. they had an alliance that if France attacked Germnay they would Fight, also to prevent A-H and Russia from fighting over the Balkans
  • Gladstone

    Prime minister of Great Britian during 1868–1874, 1880–1885, February–July 1886 and 1892–1894
  • Disreali

    Disreali was the prime minister of europe from 1874- 1880. he succeeded Gladstone.
  • Period: to


    Disraeli' s 2nd time as Prime minister after Gladstone
  • Dual Alliance

    Germany, Austria- Hungary. If france attacks Germany Austria hungary will fight, if Austria hungary is attacked by Russia Germany will fight. if a-h is attacked by Russia or if someone else attacks and Russia helps them
  • Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austria- Hungary, Italy. Purpose: to keep Italy and Austria- Hungary from fighting. That Germany and A-H will help Italy if they are attacked by France and Italy will help Germany or A-H if they are attacked by France. If any of these 3 nations go to war with 2 other countries, they will help
  • Reinsurrance treaty

    Germany’s main reason is to keep themselves from ever having to fight a two front war. If Germany fights with France, Russia will stay out of it.
  • German/ French relations late 1800s

    The French and the Germans were scared of each other. the French hated germany becasue they took ALsalce- Lorrainne from them after the franco-prussian war
  • weltpolitik

    Wilhelms II foriegn policy after Bismarck
  • Franco- Russia Alliance

    Russia will fight if Germany attacks France. France says if Germany attacks Russia, they will fight.
  • rival european nations

    France and Germany, A-H and Russia, Serbia- and A-H
  • French Imperialism

    at the mediterraninan agreements the french were found to have legitament stalkes in Morocco and were allowed to keep the african colony. the frnch colonized many parts of africa and asia
  • entente cordiale

    Settles colonial differences between France and Britain. Less formal agreement (british were know for this) the British don’t agree to binding military agreements. 1839 British agreed to defend the neutrality of Belgium
  • Russo- Japanese War

    The Japanese want Manchuria because it is very mineral rich, and Japan does not have very many mineralshe Russians want the land for Port Arthur and the minerals, the Russians really want the port because their other port, Lake Baikal. The war began with an attack by the Japanese at Port Arthur in February of 1904 he Russians needed a port lower than Port Vladivostok Vladivostok was iced over for 3-4 months a year fo Russia to maintain its power status, it had to maintan
  • Period: to

    Russo- Japanese War

    started with the Japanese attack on Port Arthur, because both Japan and Russia wanted Manchuria and Korea when China
  • Mediterrianian agreements

    Germany questioned Frances hold on its colony Morracco as to see if frances control of it was legitament
  • HMS Dreadnaught

    British ship that was revoultionalry for late
  • a trois in a europe of 5 powers

    In europe you wanted 2 other big powers allianced with you so it would be 3 big powers against 2 big powers. the trois ended up being France, Russia, and Great Britian
  • Triple Entente

    Great Britain, France, Russia Response to the triple alliance, settling past colonial differences in Persia, Tibet, and Afghanistan. The British still did not agree to binding military actions
  • Serbia

    after the Balkan wars In the Balkan region Serbia becomes a power player
  • Balkan League

    Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria
  • Period: to

    1st 2nd Balkan War and nationalism

    1st Balkan war Turkey loses control of most of its European land After the war the Balkan League was deciding over who got land in the areas, and this started to create tensions between the countries 2nd Balkan War The war was all over Macedonia Bulgaria was trying to push the Greeks and Serbia out of Macedonia Bulgaria is the real loser in the 2nd war, they lost all the land they gained in the 1st Balkan war
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    The heir to the Austro- Hungarian thrown Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assasinated in Sarajevo
  • July Crisis

    assasination of Franz Ferdinand
  • July Crisis A-H and Serbia

    A-H declares war on Serbia
  • July Crisis Germany and Russia

    Russia starts to mobilize its troops agianst A-H to protect Slavic interests and therefor Germany declared war on Russia
  • russian Protects slavic nationalities

    After A-H declares war on Sebrbia, Russia starts mobilizing its army to protet Slavic nationalities, this starts WWI