The Texas Revolution

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  • Period: to

    Fredonian Rebellion

    Haden Edwards started the Fredonian Rebellion, it was for freedom and justice. It was a failed battle, Stephen F Austin helped stop the rebellion so it ended quickly.
  • Law of April 6, 1830

    Law of April 6, 1830
    Designed to stop the flood of immigration from the United States to Texas. Almost all of the recommendations were adopted in a series of laws, under President Anastasio Bustamente. The laws explicitly banned any further immigration and any new slaves.
  • The Turtle Bayou Resolution

    The Turtle Bayou Resolution
    Complained about unfair taxes, pledged loyalty to the Mexican Constitution of 1824. Supported Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Texas will be loyal to Mexico. Wanted to release Travis and Jack and arrest Bradburn.
  • Capture of San Antonio

    Capture of San Antonio
    San Antonio was the most important place for Texas and the rebels wanted to capture it. Stephen F. Austin was the commander, Texas Army captured San Antonio,
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    Results of the attempts of the Mexican Government to retrieve a small cannon that had been in 1831 to the settlers at Gonzales as a defense against attacks by Tonkawa Indians. Texas created banner saying "Come and Take it", 1st shot of the Texas Revolution, Victory went to the Texans because of their effective hunting rifles.
  • Period: to

    Siege of the Alamo

    Battle was fought between the Republic of Texas and Mexico. It took place at a fort in San Antonio, Mexico won the battle, killing all of the Texan soldiers inside of the fort. Commander was Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis.
  • Declaration Of Independence

    Declaration Of Independence
    Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna declared independence. Announce and explain separation. Adopted at the convention, signed the next day after their mistakes were noted in text.
  • Period: to

    Runaway Scrape

    It was an event of panic and terror among the settlements of Texas, as Santa Anna and the Mexican armies swept eastward from San Antonio, virtually unopposed.
  • Mier Y Teran Report

    Mier Y Teran Report
    Commander was Colonel James Fannin, more than 400 people got killed from the Texian Army of the Republic of Texas were killed by the Mexican Army in the town of Goliad. Texans shouted, "remember the Alamo" & " Remember Goliad". Mier y Teran wrote a report to the Mexican Government. Warned that unless the Mexican Government took timely measures, settlers were certain to rebel.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    During the war for independence for Mexico, the Texas militia under Sam Houston launched a surprise attack against the forces of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The battle only took 18 minutes.
  • Massacre at Goliad

    Massacre at Goliad
    James W. Fannin was the commander of the Texian Army. He made a big mistake by going to an opened field and not staying in the nearby woods. Santa Anna won and about 350 rebels were executed
  • The Treaties of Velasco

    The Treaties of Velasco
    Treaties were signed on May 14, 1836, the Treaty of Velasco ended the Texas Revolution. Mexican and Texans prisoners would be exchanged and land would be returned back to Texas. The Secret Treaty said that Santa Anna would make Mexico recognize Texas's Independence and make the Rio Grande the border.