The Texas Revolution

By bushtyl
  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    Spanish agreed to allow American Moses Austion to set up a colony in Tejas. Pictured: Moses Austin
  • Period: to

    Texas Revoulution

  • Independence

    Mexico gains it's independence from Spain Pictured: Mexican flag
  • No More Slaves

    No More Slaves
    Mexico outlaws slavery.
  • Population Explosion

    Population Explosion
    The population grows to 25,000, with Americans outnumbering the Tejanos six to one
  • Headed To The Slammer

    Headed To The Slammer
    Stephen Austin, Moses Austin's son, is sent to jail by Mexican president Santa Anna
  • The Alamo Is Ours

    The Alamo Is Ours
    The Texans drive Mexican soldiers from a fortress in San Antonio called The Alamo. Pictured: The Alamo
  • No More Mexico

    No More Mexico
    Texans meet and decided to declare Texas a free and independent republic.
  • What To Do

    What To Do
    Texans meet at a settlement called Washington-On-The-Brazos to discuss what to do about Sant Anna's army. Pictured: Washington-On-The-Brazos
  • Commander Houston

    Commander Houston
    Sam Houston is named the commander of the Texas army. Pictured: Same Houston
  • Surprise Attack

    Surprise Attack
    Houston surprised Santa Anna near the San Jacinto River. In just eighteen minutes, the Texans had killed half of the Spanish army. They forced Santa Anna to sign a treaty saying Texas was free. Pictured: The Battle of San Jacinto
  • Finally Free

    Finally Free
    Texans raised the offical flag of the independent nation of Texas (nicknamed the Lone Star Republic). Same Houston was elected president. Pictured: Texas flag