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The Texas Revolution

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    The Texas Revolution

  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    The spanish government offer huge tracts of land to the empresarios to defend the land from the hostile Native Americans. The picture is the land the spanish offered to the empresarios.
  • Mexico Wins Independence

    Mexico Wins Independence
    Mexico gained its independence from Spian. Texas is now apart of Mexico. Stephan F. Austin Traveled to mexico city to persuade the mexican government ot let him start an American colony there. They said that only if the settelers joined the Roman Catholic Church and became mexican citizens.
    The picture is the mexican flag.
  • Tensions in Texas

    Tensions in Texas
    The Americans start to complain about Mexican laws and how official documents are written in spanish. Then Mexico passes a law not allowing them to have slaves. Austin tries to persuad the government to let them have slaves Picture: Spanish document
  • Population Increases

    Population Increases
    By 1830 Texas had 25,000 Americans living there. They outnumbered them 6 to 1. Picture: Exponetial growth
  • Texas requests a government

    Texas requests a government
    Austin went to Mexico city with a list of requests to have a slef-governing state within Mexico. The Mexican president finds out Austin wrote another letter saying he will brake free of Mexico if their requests are not met. He is jailed and the Texans are ready to rebel. Picture: jail cell
  • War

    Mexican soldiers marched into the town of Gonzales. They were trying to take a cannon used by the Texans but failed to and were driven out. Angry, Santa Anna Marched back to Texas with 6,00 troops. Picture: War between texas and mexico
  • Texas Declares Independence

    Texas Declares Independence
    Texas declared itself a independent nation and named Sam Houston commander of their army. Picture: Sam Houston
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    For 12 violent days the 180 Texans fought off 1800 Mexicans. On the 13th day they were finally defeated. All but seven texans died and over 1000 Mexicans died.
  • Captured and Angry

    Captured and Angry
    300 men at Goliad were ordered to retreat but were captured and executed. The Texan army doubled and now 800 angry men were fighting for Texas. Picture: Texas Army
  • San Jacinto

    San Jacinto
    Sam Houston suprised Santa Anna at San Jacinto and in just 18 minutes they killed half of the Mexican army. The Texans were now an independent nation. Picture: Texas independence
  • The Lone Star Republic

    The Lone Star Republic
    Texas became an independent nation called the lone star republic. They asked the U.S if they could become part of them but they did not want to deal with Mexico.