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The Texas Revolution

  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    Took place on Octrober 2,1835.When during the battle the texans made a flag and it said "COME AND TAKE IT," showing they could win but they won't go down without a fight.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    On Febuary 14 , 1836 The colonist gathered a few personal things and left their home , and went eastward under most diffcult conditions .
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    Took place on Febuary 23,1836.The Battle of the Alamo was about how the mexican soldiers came to kill the texans and leave no survivors.Bowie,Travis, and Crockett died in the battle of the alamo.
  • convention of 1836

    convention of 1836
    Took place on march 2,1836.This was alo known as the Declaration of Texas independence.Texas was doing thi because they were not liking being under mexico comnands.
  • Fannin's surrender at Coleto Creek

    Fannin's surrender at Coleto Creek
    Took place on March 20,1836.the mexican army got 100-200 wounded or killed and texans got 7-9 wounded or killed.Fannin was retreating until santa anna army came and cornered them so fannin's army had to surrender.
  • Goliad Massacre

    Goliad Massacre
    Took place on March 27,1836.Over 300 texan prisoners,most of them captured a few days before while battling the mexican army were ececuted by the mexica army.The goliad massacre became the ralling cry for other texans.
  • Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg

    Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg
    Took place on April 171836.Santa anna burned harrisburg because he found out that everybody had left.This event is important because when Sam houston and texans found out they wanted revenge
  • Vince's bayou bridge is destroyed

    Vince's bayou bridge is destroyed
    Took place on april 20,1836.The bridge was destroyed to prevent any reinforcements to come and help out santa anna.Also because the bridge was out santa anna could not escape.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    Took place on april 21,1836.The battle was for only 20 minutes and mexico lost a lot of territory from that battle and couldnt regain it.
  • Santa Anna signs the treaties of Velasco

    Santa Anna signs the treaties of Velasco
    Took place on May 14,1836.Santa anna signed two peace treaties with the texas president David G. Burnet.The public treaty was with 10 articles.The second treaty was a scret one,where it not finished until the first one was done.