The story of Life

  • Conception Date

  • Period: to

    The story of life.

    Such a stupid title.
  • First OB/GYN

  • Birth date

  • First word

    Apparentally my first word was dog. Right after I got my first dog.
  • First Birthday

    This one I would call an emotional event simply because I met my father for the first time at my first birthday party.
  • Running enabled

    This was actually the date I moved for the first time in my lfie, but to date I had not had any room to play outside and we moved to a place with over 7 acres, so I became quite the outside enthusiast.
  • School

    Started school.
  • First crush

    That is actually only an approximate date, but I developed my first crush somewhere around september of '99 at a campmeeting in North Carolina.
  • Won first wrestling match.

    Up to that point I had always considered myself week, because I was tall and skinny. I won a wrestling match against my cousin lance that year though and it made me realize that strength is beatable with leverage.
  • Problems Arise

    Went through some rather serious life changes that rocked the foundation of what I knew. That was a bit of an emotional day.
  • High School

    Completed 8th grade and continued onto high school.
  • Growth Spurt

    Hit a major growth spurt sometime mid-spring 2008 and I went from being the tiny kid to towering above most of my friends.
  • marriage

    The day has some significance but the year is nothing but a guesswork type deal. Used for emotional development
  • Graduate

    Everybody wants to finish school right?
  • Marathon

    Who knows? I have always wanted to run a marathon. Maybe I will in a few years.
  • Ten year anniversary

    Love to take my wife to venice for that anniversary. May or may not happen, but it would be cool.
  • Boxing

    Took up boxing as a hobby.
  • My paper

    I want to own my own magazine, and hopefully around here I will have it.
  • Prostate exam

    Every guy dreads it but ya still gotta go.
  • Grandkids

    First grandchild is born
  • Retirement

    I will retire and pass my company on to my son.
  • Health leaves

    I figure my health will wear out before I die and I won't feel too great.
  • Family time

    My family will gather around as I get close to death so that they can see me one last time.
  • Death

    Don't wanna make myself die too soon of course, and I would love to die in the fall. Peacefully in my sleep of course.