The Spanish American War

  • McKinley

    McKinley became president.
  • Havana

    Rioting broke out in the Cuban capital of Havana
  • Explosion of the USS Maine

    The Maine exploded and at first many people blamed the spanish , but now we think it was an accident.
  • Yellow Journalism

    Yellow Journalism is writing it is false reporting.An example would be when the USS Maine exploded , writers tried to out do eachother to sell more newspapers.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    TR , Assistant Secretary of the Navy , had wired Commodore George Dewey to prepare for possible military action in the Philippines.
  • US Declares War

    After the Maine incident , President McKinley sent the Spanish a strong note.He demanded a truce and an end to brutality against the Cubans.The Spanish agreed to some of the requests , but not enough to satisfy McKinley or Congress.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    TR waved his hat and they went up the hill.(Most didn't have there horses so they went on foot.)
  • Armistice

    On August 12 , the Spanish signed an armistice , or a peace agreement , and the war was over.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris ended The Spanish American War.
  • The Platt Amendment

    The Platt Amendment prohibited Cuba from making treaties with other nations.