The Russian Revolution pd. 4

  • The serfs were freed

  • The Russian Social Demoratic Labor party

    the Marxsirs formed the russian social demoractic larbor party
  • Russia's economy slowed

    The counrty waged an unseccessful war with Japan, and social unrest grew.
  • The army crushed

    the army crushed an uprising in Moscow and police arrested the members of St. Petersburg soviet, including revolutionary leader Leon Troskty
  • Trotsky escaped

  • Germany delcared war

    Germany decleared war on Russia
  • the group of russians

    A group of russain nobles lotal to the czar murdered Rasputin
  • strikes and riots

    strike and riots stared over food and coal shortages broke out in Petrograd.
  • The government foreced czar nicholes to abdicate

  • Trotsky returned to Petrograd

  • The all Russian congress of soivets authorized the bolsheviks to set up

  • russia negotiated a cease-fire

  • the assembly was completrly demoraluized and it ceased to function

  • a soviet constitution went into effect

  • Russian communist

    The Russian communist governemnt formed the union of soviet socialist republics