The Road To Being Better Leaders

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  • Our Purpose & Direction

    Our Purpose & Direction
    Together we defined the reason we exist and the type of organisation that we aspire to be
  • Employee Engagement Survey

    Employee Engagement Survey
    Our second Aon Hewitt employee survey - overall result 60%
    Leadership 35%
  • Developing Leaders Program Graduation

    Developing Leaders Program Graduation
    10 Leaders completed a highly interactive 9 month program that focussed on strengthening leadership skills
  • Our Approach

    Our Approach
    A collaborative review of the way that we need to work to deliver on our purpose and direction built on our existing values to arrive at Our Approach
  • Anecdote Circles

    45 staff told their stories of their best and worst experiences with leaders to help develop a better understanding of our employee survey results
  • Making Sense of Leadership

    Making Sense of Leadership
    Our EMT and Managers got together to review the anecdotes and make sense of peoples experiences
  • Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI) for EMT

    Leadership Styles Inventory (LSI) for EMT
    EMT started working on their own leadership styles through a 360 feedback process and a series of one on one and group workshop sessions to better understand the impact that they have on the people of the organisation
  • Leadership Forum #1

    Leadership Forum #1
    More than 50 people leaders came together in a forum to talk about the topic of leadership and to work through the outcomes of the Sense Making workshop. We agreed to get together every six months and committed to raising engagement levels relating to leadership from the mid 30's to the 50's
  • Leader as Coach

    Leader as Coach
    Our second Leader As Coach program launched - we now have more than 60 people supporting and coaching each other with a strong focus on leadership
  • Ideas for Becoming Better Leaders

    Ideas for Becoming Better Leaders
    Representatives from the People Leaders Forum workshopped the ideas that were generated from the forum to identify four priority areas for us to focus on to become better leaders - we agreed that Ensuring People Feel Valued was our biggest opportunity
  • 90 Day Leadership Plans

    From the priority of Ensuring People Feel Valued we created self assessment and then a 90 Day Leadership plan - leaders identified one area of strength and one of improvement to make one small change to their leadership over 90 days - 70 leaders x 2 improvements x 4 times a year = 560 ways of being better leaders!
  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence
    Launch of our emotional intelligence program - 10 leaders are taking part, with a further 10 starting in January.
  • Teamgage Pilot

    Teamgage Pilot
    Trialling a real time engagement tool that gives teams and individuals the insights to act on the things that will make a difference
  • Leadership Forum #2

    Leadership Forum #2
    You are here!
  • Emotional Intelligence Program 2

    Emotional Intelligence Program 2
  • Guts & Curiosity

    Guts & Curiosity
    A workshop on how to have courageous conversation
  • Running Your Business

    Council's subject matter experts share their tips on how to run your part of the business
  • Developing Leaders Program

    Our next intake of Developing Leaders kicks off
  • Leadership Forum #3

    A proposed date for us to gather again
  • Employee Survey

    Employee Survey
    Our next, whole of organisation Aon Hewitt survey
  • The Resilience Project

    The Resilience Project
    Essential learning for every leader; for themselves and their team members
  • Teamgage for everyone

    Teamgage for everyone
    An expanded implementation of Teamgage
  • LSI expanded

    LSI expanded
    Extending the LSI process of 360 feedback to other leaders
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    The Journey So Far

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    The Next Steps