The Rise of Christianity & The Islamic civilizations

Timeline created by George161
  • -63 BCE

    Control by Romans

    Control by Romans
    The Romans took control for Judea
  • 6

    Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus was born in Bethlehem
  • 30

    Jesus and the Apostles

    Jesus and his selected apostles travel around Europe and Asia to spread the word of God
  • 36

    Betrayal and Death of Jesus

    Betrayal and Death of Jesus
    Jesus was betrayed by one his apostles.He was crucified in Jerusalem.He resurrected in 3 days
  • 66

    Jewish revolts

    Some of the Jews revolted against the Romans for taking their temples and Jerusalem.
  • 312

    The Roman Empire accepts Christianity

    The Roman Empire accepts Christianity
    The emperor Constantine accepts Christianity.Which causes everyone in the roman empire to believe.
  • 500

    Life in towns

    Arabs began settling down and starting villages they began trading and selling goods
  • 600

    Muhammed and his message

    Muhammed and his message
    Muhammed, one of the major prophets in the Islamic religion , started preaching about Allah(God).
  • 630

    The Arab Life

    The Islamic empire expanded throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe
  • 632

    Founding an empire

    When Muhammed died he left no instructions so the Muslim leaders chose leaders called Caliphs
  • 700

    The Umayyads

    The Umayyads
    The Umayyads expanded their empire farther and spread their religion even farther.They had a massive army of well trained warriors.
  • 1400

    The trade routes

    The Arabs became expert traders and travelled the world in caravans and ships.