The Recovery Of Our Biome

  • The Wildfire

    The Wildfire
    This affects our biome in no way other than negatively. This is when the majority of our organisms will lose their lives and the populations and food webs will be put out of balance.
  • Period: to

    The Recovery Of Our Biome

    This timeline shows how our biome will progress over the course of 100 years.
  • 10 Years Later

    10 Years Later
    10 Years Later...
    Our plan shows that by now the producers now such as the Palo Verde trees and the Senita Cacti have re-populated. The producers can support themselves. Now we will begin to add the consumers. Firstly herbivores, then omnivores, then carnivores.
  • 50 Years Later

    50 Years Later...
    When all the consumers are added, this is when we the populations are expected to have recovered.
  • 100 Years Later

    100 Years Later
    100 Years Later...
    This is when we suspect our desert biome will be fully restored to its original condition.