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The Phillippines

  • Feb 1, 1542

    Spanish take over Philippines

    Spanish take over Philippines
    The Spanish were interested in the spice trade and all its values. Because of the rush to get part of African land the Spanish took over the Philippines.
  • Insurrection agenst Spanish rule

    Insurrection agenst Spanish rule
    The Philippines angry about the way the Spanish are treating them launched an insurrection against the Spanish. But the Spanish with their superior power suppressed them down, and held their power.
  • U.S. win the Philippines

    U.S. win the Philippines
    During the American Spanish war, America destroyed the Spanish in combat and won the Philippines. The Americans got to the Philippines and started their new rule in 1898.
  • indurgent activitys agenst U.S. begins

    indurgent activitys agenst U.S. begins
    The insurgent began on the night of February 4, 1899, when an insurgent patrol challenged a U.S. guard post near Manila. The U.S. commander General Elwell sent only 12,000 men to fight the Philippines, as the Philippines sent 40,000men to fight the U.S..
  • Emlilo Aguinaldo in captured

    Emlilo Aguinaldo in captured
    During this insurgent the Philippines went and captured the U.S. leader Emilio Aguinaldo. The Philippines held him hostage.
  • U.S. civil goverment replaces military rule

    U.S. civil goverment replaces military rule
    In 1902 the U.S. military administration of the islands was replaced by a U.S.-controlled civil government. This making the Philippine Islands an unincorporated U.S. territory and making its inhabitants citizens of the Philippines, not the United States.
  • commonwealth, first president, full independance

    commonwealth, first president, full independance
    A plebiscite approves the establishment of the commonwealth of the philippines. Manuel Quezon becomes the first president. The philippines get full independance.
  • Japan attackes

    Japan attackes
    Japan puts out a air attacks on the philippines. In two weakes Japan invades the pilippines on foot.
  • US forces retake the islands

    US forces retake the islands
    In 1944 General MacArthur's forces made a surprise landing on the island of Morotai, south of the Philippines to try to retake part of the Philippines. The U.S. got islands in the Philippines after a one month period of fighting.