The Middle Ages Timeline

By vln2723
  • 476

    The Fall of the Roman Empire

    The Roman Empire decinded slowly. Invaders from other countries had come and attacked the Romans to take their land. Gradually, all of the Roman's land were taken away from them. The Roman Empire was divided into small kingdoms. All of the Roman's achievements were forgotton. The Roman Empire lasted from around 27 BC to 476 AD.
  • Period: 500 to Sep 13, 1400

    Middle Ages

  • Jan 1, 692

    The Reconquista Struggle Begins

    The Reconquista was an 800 year struggle between the Spanish Christians and the Moors. The Spanish Conquistadors battled with the Moor to reconquer their land. In 1492, the Spainards drove the Moors out of Granada. Finally, Spain was under the Spanish control.
  • Jan 1, 1300


    The Renaissance era being in the late 1300s and ended in the 1600s. The word "Renaissance" is a French word which mean "rebirth". During this time,learning quickly spread around the world. People beign learning more things about, medicine, astronomy, chemistry, etc. Around the world people would make new discoveries everyday! At this time, did the world really grow in knowlegde and come together.
  • Sep 13, 1300


    The crusades were a series of wars fought between the Christians and Muslims over the "Holy Land" This "Holy Land" included the city of Jerusalem which was a Holy significance to both the Christians and Muslims. There were nine crusades total. After close to two centuries of battling the Crusaders lost to the Muslims. However, if the Christians wanted to they could've kept fighting, but after two hundred years of war there was no more motivation.
  • Sep 13, 1347

    Black Plague

    The Black Plague,also known as "Bubonic Plague", was a disease that affected mainly rodent. However fleas could eaisly transmit the disease to humans. This disease is contagious. This disease causes your skin to be red at first and then turn black,which is how it got its' name. It first started in China,who was one of the world'strading nations. The plague was quickly spreaded into Western Europe and Asia. About 25 million people died of the diesease in under 6 years!
  • Aug 10, 1478

    The Fall of Constinople

    After the 54 day seige, the Constinople Empire fell. Then rose the Ottoman Empire.