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  • 622

    the beginning of the Islam

    the beginning of the Islam
    A new religion started, the Islam.That lead to it's expansion.
  • 673

    Siege of Cosntantinopla

    The siege of Constantinopla.In this ages there were some inventions like the greek fire, a modern flamethrower and the stirrups.
  • 1096

    The Christian attack.

    The Christian attack.
    The Christians attacked the muslims.That lead to the crusades.
  • 1216

    New inventions

    New inventions
    In these period of time new inventions were made like the windmill the spinning wheel and the compass.
  • Period:
    Sep 15, 1254
    Jan 8, 1324

    Marco Polo

    There were also new trips, to India for example, to trade silk and to explore.Marco Polo was one of the most important explorer from the age.
  • 1350

    The plague

    The plague
    In these period of time the plague affected loads of people, especially in the cities.These devastating plague was also called the Black Death
  • 1436

    A very important invention.

    A very important invention.
    The printing press is one of the most important inventions of the middle ages. It helped passing the knowledge.
  • 1492

    The end middle ages.

    The end middle ages.
    The fall of the Roman Empire or the discovery of America, Depending on the historian, marques the end of the middle ages.
  • 1500

    A new era

    A new era
    With Leonardo Da Vinci a new era started The Renaissance.
  • The illustration:

    The illustration:
    It was a cultural and intellectual revolution. It inspired some changes. One of the most dramatic one was the french revolution.
  • Period: to

    The Baroque

    This was one of the most important periods of human history.
  • Elizabeth I

    Elizabeth I
    The queen Elizabeth I died from blood poison at the age of 70.
  • Period: to

    The war of the 30 years:

    The war of the 30 years war fought in this years and as it's names say it lasted for 30 years.
  • Period: to

    John Locke

    It was an English philosopher, author of the essay on human understanding, I reject the concept of innate ideas. He affirmed that experience is the basis of all knowledge.
  • Giovanni:

    In this year the italian composer died
  • Period: to


    He was one of the most important composers in the history of music
  • Principia Matematica:

    Principia Matematica:
    Philosophiæ naturalis principia mathematica:
    It is a work published by Isaac Newton on July 5, 1687, where he gathers his discoveries in mechanics and mathematical calculation.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach:

    Johann Sebastian Bach:
    In this year, the great composer, died.
  • Period: to


    He was a prodigious kid that, from an early age, started composing master pieces.
  • Mozart: First melody

    Mozart: First melody
    The prodigious composer, wrote his first symphony at the age of 8.