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The Making Of The Modern World JOE SFX

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    The Making Of The Modern World

  • American Independence

    American Declaration of Indepence announces the American colonies independence from Great Britan
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    The steam engine was something that adapted though out the years but in 1781, James Watt created a steam engine that provided continuous rotative motion. This enabled many machinery to be produced. All it needed to work was water, coal or wood. In 1883 steam engines were being applied vehicles like trains. This helped shape the modern world because without the steam engine the first steam powered car would not have been produced. They allowed us to adapt from there and move onto electric trains
  • First Fleet

    The First Fleet arrives in Botany Bay, beginning Britsh settlement in Australia.
  • French Revolution

    Outbreak of the French Revolution as a consequence of high braed prices and dissatisfaction with the ruling aristocrats who levied high taxes to support extravagant lifestyles
  • Alessandro Volta

    Alessandro Volta invents a battery to store electrical current, the unit of electric potential, volt, is named after him
  • Textile

    Textile workers smash machinery in factories and mills in the midlands and north England.
  • The Camera

    The Camera
    In 1837 after his partner died Louis Daguerre and experimented and soon created the first practical photographic process, and gave it the name Daguerreotype, then showed it to the public in 1839.They it worked was that, a silver sheet of copper was given a coating of silver iodide. Then after exposure in the camera the photo was then developed using mercury vapor with a lot of salt. Thanks to Louis we have been able to take pictures and have primary sources that we would have missed in history.
  • Edward Hargraves

    Edward Hargraves discovers gold near Bathhurst, New South Wales, triggering several gold rushes around Australia
  • Shipments

    Convict transportation to Australia ceaes with the last shipment of convicts disembarking in western Australia
  • First Telephone

    The first successful invention of the phone was made by Alexander Graham bell in 1875. Alex visited a scientist named Joseph Henry. They both hoped for a something to could transmit human voice through telegraph. They then started to experiment with acoustic telegraphy. This led to the gallows sound powered telephone. Without Alex and Graham, we would not have modern telephones today, we also would not have internet, because there would of never have been created, dial up internet.
  • First Car

    First Car
    The first car was made by Carls Benz in 1885. The cars main features were that it had a compact high speed single cylinder four-stroke engine installed and a high voltage electrical vibrator ignition with a spark plug. Along with water evaporation cooling. In 1888 Benz took the car out to see how far it could drive. Benz found out that the car was able to travel over 180 kilometres. This help shape the modern world because, without Benz/s model with gas. Cars would not be the way the are today.
  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia - the six colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia from one nation
  • Orvillie and Wilbur

    Brothers Orvillie and Wilbur Wright achieve the first controlled, powered man carrying flight.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford produces his first Ford Model T automobile
  • Largest Steamship

    The worlds then largest passenger steamship, the Titanic, hits an iceberg in the north-west Atlantic Ocean and sinks: 1517 people die
  • WW1

    World War 1 ends with the defeat of Germany
  • First Home Computer

    First Home Computer
    In 1977 Apple created the first home computer, the Apple I. The computers were designed and also hand built by Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs the feature Ceo of Apple then decided they should sell the computer, but to pay for the project Jobs had to sell his car a VW Mircobus, and Woznial sold his special calculator for $500. This changed the modern world as it gave people a personal computer to go on. Which evolved as time went on. They soon became connected to the internet, thanks to Alexander Bell