the lightning theif

Timeline created by 21lopeze
  • attack

    mrs.dodds attacks percy after he pushes nansy into the fountain.
  • Period: to

    lightning theif

  • site seeing

    percy and grover see three old ladies nitting socks on the bus ride home.
  • vacation

    percy and his mom go to montawk and grover show up at door during big storm.
  • battle

    crash gabes car and fight the minatar.
  • meeting

    percy meets annabeth.
  • flag

    percy plays capture the flag.
  • quest

    percy is granted a quest.
  • furies!

    percy is attacked by furies.
  • find and return

    they return a poodle for $200.
  • chirma!

    percy is attacked by a chirma.
  • water spirit.

    persy talks to a water spirit.
  • Ares.

    percy meets Ares.
  • casino

    they go to lotus casino.
  • leaving

    leave lotus casino.
  • crusty

    they meet crusty.
  • DOA studios

    arive at DOA studios.
  • arrival

    head to the underworld.
  • escape

    escape the underworld.
  • Ares(again)

    battles Ares.
  • Bolts back!

    Bolts back!
    percy returns the bolt.