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The Life of Yen

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born on June 24, 1996 in North Quncy, Massachusetts. I was also my parents' firstborn child.
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    Good-Bye Grandma / Moving

    A lot of things happened when I was 2. My grandma died so we went to her funeral in California. We also moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire later.
  • A Baby Sister!

    A Baby Sister!
    My little sister was born at the Alice Peck Day Hospital. We named her Anna.
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    Going to Vietnam

    I remember going to Vietnam one summer, before school started or course since my second sister hadn't been born yet. We met up with some of my mom's relatives and got to explore the streets of Saigon and the countryside.
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    First Day of Kindergarten
    This was seriously my first day of school, ever. I had never gone to pre-school so I basically had no experience with getting along with other kids and adults at school. You can probably imagine the terror I felt as a little girl.
  • Another Baby Sister

    Another Baby Sister
    Alice was born at the Alice Peck Day hospital too. However, we named her after "Alice in Wonderland," not the hospital.
  • My Own Haircut (exact date not accurate)

    My Own Haircut (exact date not accurate)
    I stupidly decided to give myself a haircut so my bangs were way too short for a while. Luckily, this happened AFTER Picture Day.
  • Drawing Dragons (exact date not accurate)

    Drawing Dragons (exact date not accurate)
    After reading a book on dragons, my first-grade teacher taught us all how to draw dragons. The drawing has been long lost, but I think this was the first time I had ever taking drawing seriously.
  • One More Sister

    One More Sister
    Angelina was also born at Alice Peck Day. That means out of the the children in our family, I was the only one born in Qunicy with a name that begins with "Y."
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    Horseback Riding

    One of my dad's friends had some horses and gave riding lessons. My sister Anna and I took some until they moved away. It was a lot of fun, even if all we got to learn about was trotting and caring for the horses.
  • Getting Glasses (exact date not accurate)

    Getting Glasses (exact date not accurate)
    In fifth grade, my eye sight was bad and it slowly got worse, especially in my right eye. And so, I got glasses. Let me tell how much of a shock it was to finally see the individual leaves of a tree again.
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    Height Differences

    I used to tower over a lot of people when I was younger. Then in 6th grade, everybody started shooting up, leaving me behind at only 5ft and a half inch.
  • Brackets and Braces (exact date not accurate)

    Brackets and Braces (exact date not accurate)
    Just before 7th grade, both Anna and I got braces. My sister had to have 2 of her teeth pulled out, but I didn't. Unfortanuately, that meant a lot more pain for me as my mouth adjusted to the brackets and the tightening wires.
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    Good-Bye Leon

    My neighbor and one of my closet friends moved away to New York. He still visits once a month though.
  • First Day of High School

    First Day of High School
    That was my first day as a freshman at Lebanon High School. I was super nervous, but I felt better once I found my friends and talked to some of the teachers.