The life of Wendy

  • Birth

    Born in Tennessee.
  • Daddy's Home!

    My dad returned from Vietnam. Now we can be a nuclear family.
    (Biosocial- Birth-2)
  • Take one step forward...

    Learned to walk (Biosocial Birth-2)
  • Potty trained

    fancy panties!! (Biosocial)
  • New sister!

    I have a new baby.. she really moves and cries.
  • Hey Mom! She's crying

    My first memory of my sister crying and me picking her up and taking her to my mom to fix. The beginning of true big sister/ mom phase. (Cognitive, 2-6)
  • dance, dance, dance.

    Started to dance all of the time. (Psychosocial, 2-6)
  • I'm scared!

    Thought there was a boogey man under the back stairs leading up to our apartment. Would not walk up them at night.
  • No preschool

    I did not go to daycare or preschool. My mom stayed home with us. I knew the alphabet, could write it and my name, count to one hundred, recognize my colors and differentiate money before kindergarten. (Psychosocial, 2-6)
  • I don't like that!

    Day doesn't matter. I did not like vegetables and did not want to eat any of them.. unless they were potatoes or corn. NO BEANS!!
    (Biosocial, early childhood)
  • New house

    First real house, not an apartment.
  • Tying shoes

    Had to know how to tie my shoes before going to school. (Biosocial, 2-6)
  • School days

    Started kindergarten. Was Bored. Didn't like teacher. Was (and still am) left-handed. (Cognitive, 2-6)
  • Two wheeler.

    Taught myself to ride a bike going down hill of neighbors driveway. Then I put my sister on the bike and shoved her down the hill so she could learn too! (Biosocial, early childhood)
  • First softball team.

    Picked dandelions in right field.... my dad was the coach.
  • Swim!

    Taught self to swim in the lake by our house. (Psychosocial, 2-6)
  • FIght with sister

    New puppy. Fight over name. Get name, fight over who walks him. etc, etc. It has begun. (Psychosocial, middle childhood)
  • First best friend

    Her name was Dorothy. My first sleepover (not with relatives). Psychosocial, middle childhood (6-11)
  • Mom goes to work.

    Mom went back to work when both of us got into school all day. The neighbor lady babysat.
  • Driving... kinda.

    Dad got a riding lawnmower and teaches me to drive it and mow straight. My new job!
  • Water skiing

    Learned to water ski (slalom too!) Parents bought me my own set of skis. (Biosocial, middle childhood)
  • Fundraising!

    Sold lemonade all weekend and went up and down our street asking for donations for "Jeryy's Kids" ( Muscular Dystrophy) and his telethon. Raised $100 and sent it in. (Psychosocial, middle childhood)
  • Cookies

    Won a blue ribbon for my chocolate chip cookies at the 4-H fair. Been making them ever since.
  • Math award.

    First kid in class to memorize and test for all multiplication tables.
    (Cognitive, middle childhood)
  • Home alone

    Home after school and watching my sister. No more babysitter. (Psychosocial, middle childhood)
  • Moved to Alabama

    Parents moved us to Alabama. Complete culture shock! They talk funny and do things strange and they think I'm the wierd one! (Cognitive, middle childhood)
  • Faking it

    Faking sick to stay home and avoid school. Not exactly bullied, but uncomfortable. Both with teachers and students. Still in culture shock. (Psychosocial, middle childhood)
  • What an Owwwwie....

    Finally have a friend to hang out with but I fell at her house and broke my leg 2 days before school out for summer. (Biosocial, middle childhood)
  • Church

    Family starts to attend church. I love it and the social structure of the south is based alot on the church andthe attendees. (Cognitive, middle childhood)
  • Became a Christian

    Took the plunge... Brother Bobby did the Baptism. (Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • OOPS! I did it again......

    Re-injured the freshly healed leg. But 6 weeks with no gym class. :) (Biosocial, Adolescence)
  • It's just wild....

    Had wild(super thick) eyebrows and kinky curly hair. I thought I was ugly.
  • Once there was a skateboard and a hill.....

    What were we thinking? No brakes, steep hill, skateboard with no pads or helmet.... It was a dare though. (Biosocial/Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • Move to Chi town.

    Family moved to Chicago suburbs. Junior high in new school (Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • Share room with sister

    Had to share room with my sister in little apartment. Kept us both sane and stress free as the natives were not friendly. (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • On to another suburb

    Moved to a different suburb of Chicago...New house, own room. (Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • Adventures in Babysitting

    I am the only babysitter within a two block radius!!!! Booked most nites to watch the sweet little darlings. Money's good too! (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • New School

    8th grade in yet another new school... starting to get the hang of this. (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • Puberty arrives....

    My first period. I am not exactly thrilled. Good news is it does not return for a year. (Biosocial, Adolescence)
  • Do I have to go?

    Find out we are moving AGAIN.... have to leave really good friends, and all those sweet babies. (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • Back down south.

    Move to Mississippi and finish the school year there. Maybe I will have some friends to spend the summer with??? (Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • Period: to

    Life is good.

    Settled in, making friends and have a nice church family. Playing softball on 2 teams, and trying basketball (not so good!)
    (Psychosocial, Biosocial, Adolescence)
  • First boyfriend

    His name wasJeff. He was so sweet and cute and had a job so we actually got to do stuff.
  • And I like him too.

    I met Greg at a carnival... I dated both of them at the same time. (Biosocial/Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • First issue with friends who drink....

    One girlfriend was driving me and another girlfriend to a party. Both of them had started drinking alcohol recently. I wanted to go to party, afraid to go and be stuck. Talked to my mom and she promised to come and get me if any issues. (Cognitive/Biosocial, Adolescence)
  • Legal to drive

    I got my driver's license at 15! I was actually 15and a half, but my parents made me take driver's ed in school before I could get my license.
  • Guess what?

    My family is moving AGAIN!! Back up north to Michigan- major temper tantrums ensue along with attempts to let me move in with a girlfriend and her grandma to finish high school in MIssissippi. (Cognitive/Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • Back to Michigan

    Back to Michigan, I am seriously unhappy! Living with aunt until we find house so we have no house, no room, no privacy and I have no life! (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • Better than I thought.

    School started- got this new kid thing down I guess. Have boyfriend, joined choir, drama and softball teams and ended up on the Homecoming court. (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • First job

    One of the new girls I met helped me get a job at the movie theater. I like having my own money. (Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • What do I want to be?

    Getting acceptance/rejection letters from colleges. Not sure what I want to do. Fighting with parents ALOT! (Psychosocial, Adolescence)
  • Graduation.

    I graduated from high school with honors and got some scholarship money to help pay for college. (Cognitive, Adolescence)
  • Reality.... school days.

    I am away at school and my social butterfly self has met EVERYONE- at least my roommate thinks so. Truth is- I am miserable and don't know what to do. (Biosocial, Early adulthood)
  • New attitude

    Back at school for second semester, not sure why. Drama has followed me since November, at least now he has quit stalking me...let's hope. Working out like a fiend. Be strong! (Psychosocial, Emerging adult)
  • One last surprise.

    School over for year, packing up to go home for summer. And there is a 26 week prremie infant coming too. (Biosocial, emerging adult)
  • Period: to

    Trying to find my way

    Determined to be good mother. Work 2 jobs so I can pay bills but still have time for baby. Luckily, there is lots of family help.
  • New Mom

    Finally bringing baby home from NICU, I really am a Mom now. (Psychosocial, Emerging Adult)
  • Back to school for degree

    Start of a 2 year program for my Respiratory degree (Cognitive, Emerging adult)
  • You never know who you'll meet......

    Start work at Jamie's bar to make extra money and meet Brian. I instantly like him, he always has a girlfriend.
  • A real job....

    My first job with my new degree. Benefits and everything! (Cognitive, Emerging Adult)
  • You never know who you'll run into....

    Run into Brian while out with girlfriends.... Sparks fly and numbers are exchanged.
  • It's a ring!!!

    Brian surprises me at work and proposes. :) I say "YES!!!"
  • Playing house....or not.

    After six long months of house hunting, we finally settle on one and buy it so we can fix it up before we move in (after we are married) (Psychosocial, emerging adult)
  • It's official!

    After much planning, we get married. Zach and Brian have matching tuxes and everyone got a ring to show we are married.
    (Psychosocial, emerging adult)
  • Period: to

    Starting our "Adult" life

    We finish up our house, work on adoption papers, and settle into our new normal as a family. (Cognitive/ Biosocial/ Psychosocial, Adult)
  • Change is a coming......

    I am officially pregnant with baby #2. Kinda scared, TOTALLY excited! (Biosocial, adult)
  • Birth of Devin

    After an easy pregnancy and 49 lbs., my 8lb 5 oz baby is here. Definitely different this time. (Biosocial,adult)
  • the BIG 3-0 !!!

    I am now 30. I feel like I am in a good spot and am finally grown up. (Psychosocial, adult)
  • Back to Church.....

    We have been looking for a new church and church family. I think we found it.... Everybody wants to go. YEAH! (Congnitive, adult)
  • "I am a FINISHER!!!!"

    After months of training, completed the Honolulu Marathon as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (Biosocial, Psychosocial, Adult)
  • Something new....

    Getting a little bored at work. Starting to do Pulmonary Rehab as a branch out from just the sick people in the hospital.
  • All the little children......

    Start as a children's leader at BSF. Each year I get a different age of pre-schooler to teach. I LOVE it!
  • Can't breathe....

    Have been really dragging and can't catch up (or my breath!). The diagnosis is Asthma.... not senescense! :) (Biosocial, adult)
  • Fire! ~A new era

    After three years of waiting and lots of praying, I am now the wife of the oldest rookie firefighter probably in firefighting history. Schedules and routines are gonna change (Psychosocial, Adult)
  • Feeling old...maybe.

    My oldest son graduates from high school. Wait a minute...I was in high school yesterday! I am not old, he is just catching up.
    (Biosocial, Adult)
  • New chapter

    I am head hunted by a doctor who wants me to write, open and manage my own Pulmonary Rehab program. I am excited and scared to death at the same time. The consoling thought is if it doesn't last long, it looks good on a resume'. (Cognitive, Adult)
  • Spring break! With my parents?

    Took a week long vacation with my husband, my sister and her husband, and my parents to the Florida Keys. We left all of the kids with the in-laws and had a TOTAL BLAST!!! Who'd a thunk it? (Psychosocial, Adult)
  • Not just breathing... :(

    Again not feeling well. It just keeps coming back. CT of chest shows calcifications in heart arteries. Cardiac cath done before I am 40. Apparently, I have bad genes.
  • The BIG 4-0h!

    Happy to be here! Heart issues under control, I am happy, healthy, and having a big party! (Psychosocial)
  • Time to close

    My rehab is closing due to budget cuts. I have no idea how sad I will become. (Psychosocial, Adult)
  • The passing......

    After two years of helping my husband care for his 86 yr old father, he quietly passes away in Hospice. (Psychosocial, Adult)
  • Play Ball!!!

    I am still playing ball every summer (and volleyball in winter). Not as quick on my feet but actually had the best batting average on the team. WOO HOO! (Biosocial, Adult)
  • High school... already?

    My sweet little baby is now 6'3" and a freshman is High school. Apparently, I blinked. (Psychosocial, Adult)
  • Back to School

    Taking the plunge and going back to school. Spend many days wondering"What am I thinking?" (Cognitive, Adult)
  • The College Baby!

    My oldest son graduates from U of M Dearborn with a Bachelor's degree and is a 1st Lt. from ROTC. Very proud of him. (Psychosocial, Adult)
  • You should put a hat on that.......

    This is the first year that instead of literally baking my head, I have worn a hat to protect my face. Mother nature is moving across it by herself, she does not need extra help! (Biosocial, Adult)
  • You're my Best friend!

    Celebrate 18 years married to my best friend and the best husband ever. We discuss all of the changes coming up (D driving, (gulp!), making time for each other with grad school) and all of the other challenges. I am a lucky girl.
  • I really DID it!

    I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree! ...and with a 4.0 too. Just the first step....finish pre-requisites and apply to Grad school next.
  • Are we done yet?

    Working to finish this timeline for Psych class. Glad when this semester is over (Silly Wendy took 15 credits!) but still looking for time to get it done right. One pre-req left after this.... (Cognitve, Adult)
  • Graduation!!!

    I graduate from PA school and start a new adventure!!! (Cognitive)
  • Youngest son graduates high school.

    I blinked again! I think I am looking forward to the empty nest?!?!?!?? (Biosocial)
  • I get a daughter!!!!

    Zach gets married..... I hope not to be a Marie Barrone type mother-in-law... :)
  • Period: to

    Out of Africa...

    My first trip to Mulawi to work in the orphanages....have been looking forward to this for years. (Psychosocial)
  • Mary moves in

    Mary moves in with me and Brian... had to fight to get her! (Psychosocial)
  • It's the BIG 50!!

    Wendy is now 50..... this is good. (biosocial)
  • End of an era...

    Sadly, Mary has passed. she had a good long life, didn't suffer and was loved. We are still heartbroken....
  • My baby is getting married!

  • Husband retires.....sort of.

    My husband put all of his years in at the fire house and still works part-time as a nurse.
  • Hello Grandma!!!!

    I am a grandma. Let the spoiling begin!! (Psychosocial)
  • Grandma 2.0!

    Double the pleasrue , double the fun!!!!!
  • Father dies....

    My father dies in his sleep. My mom moves in with us.
  • 60 and still going

    It's a good year. Grandkids are keeping me young. (Biosocial)
  • Grandma 3.0

    I am so getting good at this!!! Keep 'em coming. (Psychosocial)
  • Grandma 4.0

    Guess what? they listened. Loving them is the best!
  • Period: to

    Mulawi with love

    Miss the grandkids but all of these sweet babies need love too.
  • Missing my Mama.

    My mom has passed but got to see my four grandkids and my sisters two. She was a happy woman.
  • Grandma 5.0

    I now can truly say I have a "bunch" of love. I have so much fun with them....
  • I made it to 70

    Starting to not recognize myself in the mirror. I am not that partially gray haired woman in the mirror, I feel 35 still. :) (Biosocial)
  • Semi-retirement

    I give up working in the ER but still work at the doctors office two days a week. (cognitive)
  • The big move.....

    Brian and I decide to give up the house and the yard. We want the condo with no maintenance and pool and to be able to leave and travel when we want.
  • 80 and still dancing.

    Big party for the 80th birthday. Really retired this time. Now I can volunteer and teach my youngest grandkid how to drive.
  • I have lost my best friend.

    My sister died. She was my first best friend. My heart aches for my loss and that of her children and grandchildren. (Psychosocial)
  • Time to go to the retirement community.

    It's too hard and no fun to keep up the condo. Brian and I move to the newest retirement community. We can dial for meals, swim indoors and I get my hairand nails done every week.
  • It's all in the hips.....

    Got to have the hip replaced... hope I am healed up before the end of golf season. Brian might actually beat me now. (Biosocial)
  • The little old lady....

    Where did all the time go?... 90. Huh.(Cognitive)
  • Still trying to get by...

    Hospitalized for Pneumonia after I fall and break a rib. Eyesight is getting really bad.(Psychosocial)
  • And now my heart is gone......

    Brian is 100 and has died. I feel like I cannot go on without my heart and my best friend. (Biosocial)
  • My heart has stopped

    I have truly died of a broken heart..... I will miss my family but God is waiting for me.