Percy grainger

The Life of Percy Grainger

  • Birth

    Percy Grainger is born in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Begins playing piano

    Percy begins studying piano at the age of 10.
  • First concert

    Percy gives a series of concerts in October 1894 at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building. It is his first public concert appearance at the age of 12.
  • Begins collecting folk songs

    Percy begins collecting original versions of folk songs after being inspired by a lecture given by folksong historian Lucy Broadwood.
  • Percy comes to America

    Percy and his mother come to the U.S. Grainger joins the U.S army as bandsman in Coast Artillery Corps
  • Percy becomes a U.S. citizen

    Percy becomes a naturalized U.S. citizen.
  • Death of his mother

    After struggling with physical and mental health problems for years, his mother, Rose, commits suicide while Percy is on a tour of the West coast.
  • Marriage

    Percy marries Ella Strom.
  • Less composing, more performing

    During the second World War Percy spends his time doing concerts for charity. He performs up to 140 concerts in a year. His health begins to see a decline.
  • Rescoring works

    Percy stops composing any new works. He limits himself to rescoring works, both his own and others.
  • Last concert

    He gives his last public concert at Dartmouth College in Hanover.
  • Death

    Percy Grainger dies in White Plains on 20 February 1961 (age 78). He was buried in the Aldridge family vault in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.