The Life of Dana Hunka

By dhunka
  • Dana L Hunka born

    Dana L Hunka born
    I was born on October 27, 1984 at Harris Methodist Hospital, downtown Ft. Worth location.
  • Parent Divorce

    Parent Divorce
    My parents got divorced the summer before I went into 6th grade.
  • Salvation

    I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.
  • Jacob and I started dating

    Jacob and I started dating
    Started dating my husband
  • Wedding

    I married my best friend
  • Isaac Mark Hunka

    Isaac Mark Hunka
    Our first child and only son was born
  • Briley Laraine Hunka

    Briley Laraine Hunka
    Our middle child and eldest daughter is born
  • Moved to Oklahoma

    Moved to Oklahoma
    We relocated to El Reno, OK for my husband's job
  • Highland Baptist Church

    Highland Baptist Church
    Our friend was pastoring a church in El Reno. We had visited there several times. We joined the membership at HBC.
  • Mollie Kay Hunka

    Mollie Kay Hunka
    Our last and final baby was born
  • Went back to school

    Went back to school
    I officially became a college student
  • Started job at Redlands Community College

    Started job at Redlands Community College
    Started my position in the Registrar's office at Redlands
  • Graduated from Redlands

    Graduated from Redlands
    Earned my Associates degree
  • Started at UCO

    Started at UCO
  • Present Day

    Present Day