The Journey to Finding My Hero

  • Contemplating

    I went to google the most influential people of the 20th century in order to get some ideas. I wanted to search more before I made a final decision though. Time's List of the 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century
  • Facebook help?

    Facebook help?
    I went on to facebook and asked all of my friends who they were choosing for inspiration. I had no luck though! Their ideas were Lady Gaga and Steve Jobs.
  • Pot roast leads to pot luck!

    Pot roast leads to pot luck!
    While I was eating dinner with my family, I asked my mom and her boyfriend what they thought. They gave me their book, The Lone Survivor, and I knew it was the right decision.
  • It's a good thing ther's online articles to read!

    It's a good thing ther's online articles to read!
    While our class was in the library, I worked on the computer to find articles on Marcus Lutrell. I found some Fox news reports and an artical in the Washington Post.
  • You never know until you try!

    When I was researching Marcus Luttrell, I had seen he had a facebook fanpage which was run by him. I decided to write on his wall to explain the project and ask for an interview.
  • Fifth times the charm!

    Fifth times the charm!
    I filmed my blog for the homework assaignment "How I Choose My Subject". This took me five tries because my little brother and sister kept coming in and interrupting me.
  • A reply

    Marcus Luttrell emailed me back and agreed to give me the interview! I was so thrilled.
  • A kind reminder

    I re-messaged Marcus because I had not heard from him since the last time he had messaged me. He quickely replied that he was on a speaking tour so we did an arrangement to do a phone interview. I messaged him the questions I would ask.
  • My 2nd Blog

    My 2nd Blog
    I reread the article "Heroes in Literature" and wrote a blogpost that was based on Jean val Jean from the book A Tale of Two Cities.
  • First Chapter Friday

    First Chapter Friday
    I went through the first chapters I had read of The Lone Survivor and found the most meaningful paragraph to me.
  • Finshed the book!

    Today I finished the book the Lone Survivor!
  • Phone Interview

    Phone Interview
    Using two iphones, I called Marcus Luttrell and we had an interview of ten questions. It was really nice to actually speak to him.