The Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

  • Telegraph

    The Telegraph is a system that transmits codes across a long distance. In 1791 Claude Chappe and his brother Ignace invented an oliptical telegrpah. This helped advance communication. It was often used during war.This invention was the start of telephones.
  • Cotton Gin

    In 1793, American inventor, Eli Whitney, invented the cotton gin. It made harvesting cotton easier and more efficent. Instead of harvasting 1 pounds of cotton, 50 pounds was produced. The downside of the cotton gin was it required many workers to work on the fields and the machine.
  • Reaper

    The Reaper was invented by Cyrus Hall McCormick in 1833. It was used to harvest crops and make weat growing possible on the Praries in the west. During the Civil War, Reapers were used to harvast crops on the fields. This time period, this invention was prosperous.
  • Machine Gun

    In 1851 in Belgium the machine gun was created. This product hepled advance war. Dr. Richard J. Gatling created a gun with 6 barrels in 1862. Hiram S. Maxim patented first automatic machine gun in 1884. This gun was lighter, smaller and easier to use.
  • Light Bulb

    The light bulb was created by Thomas Eddison in 1879 in New Jersey. It provided electrical light instead of candle lighting. This causes more saftey with light. People now could work at night. The light bulb was one of the most important inventions.