The Industrial Revolution

  • The Cotton Gin (Improved)

    The Cotton Gin (Improved)
    The Cotton Gin is a machine that can take the seeds out of cotton more efficiently.
  • The Steam Locomotive

    The Steam Locomotive
    The steam locomotive is a source of transportation and can pull around cargo.
  • The Steam Boat (Perfected)

    The Steam Boat (Perfected)
    Inventor Robert Fulton was the first person to perfect the Steam Boat. The successful ship was called the "Clermont".
  • The photograph

    The photograph
    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce created the photograph in 1826.
    The use of the photograph was to take pictures of people rather than paint or sketch them.
  • Period: to

    The Telegraph

    The Telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse. The telegraph gave out beeps to people far away from their location. These beeps came up with the thing we call 'Morse' code.
  • The Mechanical Reaper

    The Mechanical Reaper
    The Mechanical Reaper allowed faster land clearing and harvesting wheat.
  • Dynamite

    Alfred Nobel was the one to create dynamite. Dynamite is an explosive used commonly used in the mining industry.
  • Bessemer

    The bessemer was used to turn pig iron into steel. Henry Bessemer created this one.
  • The Typewriter

    The Typewriter
    Christopher Latham Sholes was the one to create the typewriter.
    The typewriter was used to write things faster.
  • The Incandescent Light Bulb

    The Incandescent Light Bulb
    If you thought Thomas Edison invented the light bulb,