The Industrial Revolution

  • steam engine

    In 1680, Dennis Papin invented the steam engine that heated water which turned to steam in order to create energy. The steam engine was needed because if was an efficient way to use energy and water is much more abundant then coal.
  • typewriter

    In 1714, Henry Mill invented the typewriter to replace handwriting. This invention is needed because it saves a lot of time unlike handwriting. This changed society because we still use the same concept today.
  • Cotton Gin

    In 1793, Eli Witney created the cotton gin with made harvesting cotton much easier. Since cotton was so hard to harvest, it would take a long period of time to harvest it. This made a difference in people life because of the cotton gin.
  • Fulton's Steamboat

    In 1807, Robert Fulton created his steamboat. His steamboat uses steam to operate which is needed because it is enviornment friendly. This invention started a new era of water transportation.