Hungarian kings' struggles against the Turks

  • 1389

    Battle of Kosovo

    between an army led by the Serbian and an invading army of the Ottoman Empire
  • 1390

    War of Galambóc

    Turks conquered Galambóc
  • 1395

    Battle of Havasföld

    Sigismund started a war and regain territories.
  • Period: 1413 to 1422


    Bosnia started a war with Croatia and Hungary
  • 1432

    Fifth Turkish-Hungarian war

    Turkishs started a war with Transylvania. The lost a lot of peolple. Turkishs got a lot of captive.
  • Period: 1437 to 1441

    campaign against Hungary

    Turks launched another major campaign against Hungary. They weakened the region militarily..
  • 1444

    The Long Campaign

    Hunyadi led a large campaign into the Turkish Empire to the south, taking advantage of the Turkish war against the Persians in the east.
  • Period: 1444 to 1448

    Seventh Hungarian-Turkish War

    The Hungarian armies invaded Bulgaria. In the battle fought under the city, Ulászló I fell because, despite Hunyadi's admonition he stormed the Janissaries.
  • Period: 1454 to 1456

    Eighth Hungarian-Turkish War

    The Turkhs attacked Nándorfehérvár, but Hunyadi broke through the siege with his crusaded troops.