The Gradual increase of nazi persecution of the Poles

  • Boycott of jewish business

    The Nazi Party released a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses that only lasted one day they did this to try a drive jews away from the german economy This shows persecution because
  • Education Law

    This law made it so jewish students had to leave public schools and start attending private schools.This law made it so only 5 percent of the population in schools. This shows persecution because jewish people couldn’t go to a public school.
  • Press Censorship Law

    They didn't want jews to work in the newspapers any longer. Newspapers also could not publish any information that was against the Nazi party. Anyone who was found publishing anti-nazi material would be sent to a concentration camp. This shows persecution because couldn't work for the newspapers and was not given true information
  • Thomas Doeppner

    Was arrested for illegally entering the nether lands
  • Jewish name Law

    Any jew who did not have a Jewish name had to take the name of Israel or Sarah. This shows persecution because they had to change their name to a Jewish name.
  • Kristallnacht

    This event is related to the Holocaust because it led to further persecution of Jews and led to more laws being passed to restrict Jews This shows persecution because
  • First kindertransport arrives

    During the 1940s, Kindertransports were transports of bringing Jewish children from Nazi-controlled lands into lands that were safe from the Nazis like in Great Britain, the Netherlands, and France.
  • First prisoners Arrive at auschwitz

    In June 1940 all Christan and Jewish people were put into concentration camps and most of them went to the most popular camp of all Auschwitz and were imprisoned for years and tested on and killed.
  • Jewish badge introduced in germany

    This law was about how Jews were forced to wear badges, often yellow patches in the shape of a Star of David, this was an easy way to identify them. Shows persecution because they had to have the star of David to leave the house
  • Mass murder begins at chelmo

    Chelmno was the first Major killing operation in order to annihilate the Jewish population. Chelmno was also the first location to use gas to mass-murder Jews. At least 172,000 Jews and others were killed here.
  • Announcement of death penalty for aiding jews

    This law stated anyone that who was fond of helping a jew will be killed shows persecution because people would be killed if they helped a jew.