Raoul wallenberg

  • The beginnings

    The beginnings
    He met Jews that had escaped Hitler. Their stories of the Nazi persecutions affected him deeply. because he had a very humane attitude to life.
  • His heritage

    His heritage
    he had a drop of Jewish blood (Raoul's grandmother's grandfather was Jewish his name was Benedictine Wallenberg returned to Sweden from Haifa in 1936 and resumed his old interest for business.
  • The owner

    The owner
    in 1940, Wallenberg took a job with a Stockholm-based food-exporting company. Its owner, a Jewish man, could not travel safely through Europe, which was under Nazi sage. Wallenberg replaced him on trips and became acquainted with Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary.
  • The safe house's

    The safe house's
    Raoul Wallenberg established many safe houses that served as hideouts for Hundreds of Jews. He told that the Swedish flag be flown over these houses, because it would be converting them into official Swedish embassy annexes and shielding them from the Nazis
  • Befriend

    Raoul Wallenberg used his income to buy off German officials. In order to make ends, he had to one of them befriend them, remind them that, when the war ends, they would be treated as criminals than friends on the losing side of a conflict.
  • The spies

    The spies
    He had spies who provided him with information about info on the Budapest police department and the Hungarian fascist political establishment's.
  • Deportation rescue

    Deportation rescue
    As the trains were about to leave, Raoul Wallenberg came to the station and handed out Swedish papers to people on the train. Then he argued that all those holding papers should be let off the trains. Wallenberg accomplished this while in great danger
  • The refuge boards mission

    The refuge boards mission
    January 1944, the U.S established The War Refugee Board to set to rescue European Jews and other Nazi victims. the Nazis occupied Hungary, which was home to the last of the Jews that awaited there persecution.
  • Raul officially joined the refuge board

    Raul officially joined the refuge board
    Wallenberg was selected He was a good choice, as he was sympathetic to helping the European Jews, he could speak Hungarian and German and was familiar with Budapest area.
  • the awakening

    the awakening
    In 1944 the world had realized what Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish problem" actually meant. In May 1944, the first eye witness report of what was happening in Auschwitz camp finally reached the world.
  • His requests

    His requests
    Raoul was very excited to go to Hungary, but first, he wrote a brief letter to the Swedish foreign department. He was determined not to get caught by the paperwork bureaucracy of diplomacy. He demanded full authorization to deal with who he wanted without having to contact the ambassador first.
  • Mass murder

    Mass murder
    in 1944 there was mass murdering of Jews and that's what helped lead Raoul Wallenburg to help with the Jews because they were innocent people being blamed for stuff they didn't do
  • The area of Budapest

    The area of Budapest
    Through his trips to France and Germany he quickly learned German bureaucracy He made several trips to Hungary and Budapest, and he visited the Lauer's family. and At that time, Hungary was still a relatively safe place in a hostile surrounding.
  • Budapest's fate

    Budapest's fate
    the Germans began deporting Jews from Hungarian the Jewish citizens of Budapest knew that their fate was also soon to be. In desperation they got help from embassies of the neutral countries where identity passes were issued for Jews with connections to these countries.
  • The war refuge board

    The war refuge board
    the War Refugee Board (WRB), an organisation whose task was to save Jews from Nazi persecution was created in 1944. Once the WRB understood that Sweden was trying to make serious attempts to save Jews they set out to find someone who could due a rescue operation in Budapest. Raoul Wallenberg was offered the job and he accepted immediately .
  • upon his arrival

    upon his arrival
    Wallenberg arrived in Budapest in July 1944, the Germans, under the leadership of Adolf Eichmann, had deported more than 400,000 Jewish men, women, and children from Budapest. They had been deported on 148 deportation trains between May 14 and July 8. Only about 230,000 Jews, out of a population that once numbered close to three-quarters of a million, were now left.
  • The hire of the people...

    The hire of the people...
    Raoul Wallenberg, was 31 years old, when he arrived in Budapest In July 1944 . He opened a Swedish embassy office close to the city’s Jewish ghetto's and hired 400 people, many of them Jews who had been granted diplomatic immunity, to operate the facility.
  • The Schutz pass

    The Schutz pass
    Raoul Wallenberg’s office provided passports to approximately 20,000 Jews. The passports allowed them shelter under the protection of the Swedish crown, protecting them from deportation
  • The responsibility of the general

    The responsibility of the general
    he sent his driver to deliver a note to Schmidthuber explaining how Wallenberg would hold the general responsible for the massacre if it proceeded and he would be hanged as a war criminal after the war was over. The massacre was stopped at the last minute thanks to Wallenberg's actions.
  • The passes

    The passes
    Raoul Wallenberg was there all the time to hand out protective passes, food and medicine. He threatened and he bribed until he free those with Swedish passes.