Nuremberg laws

Jewish Restrictions in the 1930s to 1950s

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    Jewish Restrictions

  • Jewish Doctors & Charity

    Berlin City Commission For Health Suspends Jewish Doctors From Taking Part In Charity. This Would Make It Seem That Jewish People Were Not Giving, Instead Of Proving The Nazis Wrong About Them. This Affected Their Charity Work Deeply.
  • Law for the Reestablishment

    This law removes all Jews from government service. This law affected Jews in their work and possibly put them out of a job if they could not find a new one.
  • Law of the Admission

    This law forbids Jews to enter bars. This would prevent some Jewish alchoholics from doing what they would consider entertainment, such as drinking or talking to other alchoholics.
  • Law against Overcrowding in Schools

    This laws limits the number of Jewish students in pbulic schools and only public schools. This means less and less Jews would get education.
  • De-Naturalization Law

    The De-Natrualization Law prevents Jews from becoming naturalized (to gain citizenship through immigration) and also revokes the citizenship of already naturalized Jews or any other ethinc group deemed "undesirable" in Germany. This would affect almost all aspects of life of German Jews as most of their activities require being a citizen. by law
  • Laws on Editors

    This laws ban Jews from creating editorial posts. This law would make more Jews lose their jobs and some not be able to hold a job if they're only interested in Editing.
  • Army Laws

    This law expells Jewish officers from the army.
  • Nuremberg Race Laws are Instituted

    This set of laws prohibits every Jew from Reich citizenship, and from having marriage to any German or related bloodline.
  • Executive Order

    This law forbids Jews to serve as tax consultants foricng many Jews out of a job.
  • Reich Veterinarians Law

    This law expels Jews from the Veterinary proffesion, again, forcing many Jews out of a job.
  • Reich Ministry of Education

    This law bans Jews from being teachers in public schools, and again, forcing more Jews out of a job.
  • Order from the Mayor of Berlin

    This order, orders public schools to not admit Jewish children into their school, until further notice.
  • Law on the Alteration of Family and Person Names

    This law forbids Jews from changing their names to try to either avoid German rule or to get out of the country under an alias.
  • Law on the Profesion of Auctioneer

    This law bans all Jews from entering the field of auctioneering forcing more and more Jews out of a job.
  • Gun Law

    This law excludes Jews from being gun merchants.
  • Decree Against Camoflauge of Jewish Firms

    This law forbids Jewish businesses to change their name to try to 'camoflauge' themselves from the Germans.
  • Order for Discolsure of Jewish Assets

    This law forbids all Jews to give away their property if it cost more than 5,000 reichsmarks. A reichsmarks is a German currency used in WWII and the conversion to our USD in 1938 was about 4.2 Dollars. This damaged most Jewish people's homes.
  • Health Spas

    The Reich Ministry of the Interior bans Jews from spas. This prevented them from getting an enhanced health program or prevented them from going to spas for entertainment.
  • Additional Names

    The Executive Order on hte Law of the Alteration of Family and Personal Names forced Jewish people to adopt an additional name. These names were Isreal for men and Sara for women respectively. This affects their everyday lives, espessially when they need to write their names.
  • Confiscation

    The Decree on the Confiscation of Jewish Property manages the confiscation of Jewish property and giving it to non-Jewish Germans.
  • Passports

    The Reich Interior Ministry forces any Germany passports held by Jews; forcing them to have their passports stamped with the letter "J" on them. This can hurt Jewish people's forms of transportation going out and into Germany.
  • Reich Interior Ministry

    This law forbids Jews to keep carrier pigeons, banning many Jews from this way of Communication.
  • Executive Order

    This law cancels all state contracts held with Jewish-owned firms.
  • Law on Midwives

    This law bans all Jews from the occupation of Midwives, forcing more and more Jews out of a job.
  • Decree Concerning the Surrender of Precious Metals

    This law forces all Jews to give up precious metals and stones that they may have,
  • German Lottery

    This law forbids all Jews from buying lottery tickets.
  • 'Essential To The War Effort'

    German authorities removed Jewish property that they considered 'essential to the war effort'. This included radios, cameras, bicycles, exlectrical appliances, and other valuables. This affected Jewish people in all aspects of life as mot subjects of their life once involved something that was removed.
  • Yellow Star of David

    The German Government forces all Jewish people over the age of 6 to wear a Yellow Star of David on all of their clothing. This impacted all aspects of life because then they were easily recognized to be discriminated against at all times.
  • The 'Final Solution'

    In 1941 the 'Final Solution' was decided to be carried out by the Nazi Party leadership. This started the mass deportations to concentration camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen. This was the beginning of the end for most Jewish people's lives in German territory.
  • The Last Major Deportations of German Jews

    In early 1943, the last major deportations of German Jews took place. People were separated from their family to be sent to death or concentration camps. This clearly affects all aspects of life; normally ending their lives. After this, about all Jewish people living in German territory were either thought to be dead, moved to a different country, or deported.