Hitler Restrictions 1933-1939

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    Hitler Restrictions

  • Jewish Judges are Forbidden from Court

    Jewish Judges are suspended from the office. Lawyers were also forbidden to work as lawyers. They were viewed as unworthy people just because of their race. Germany beleived that Jews should not be allowed to have a say or participate in any intellectual or important acitivites and events.
  • Aryan and Non Aryan Laws

    Aryan and Non Aryan Laws
    Aryan and Non Aryan Children were forbidden to play with each other. They could not interact and would be punished and looked down upon if there were any unnecessary interactions between the two.
  • No Sitting for Jews

    No Sitting for Jews
    Jews were only allowed to sit on benches that were marked for Jews. They were not allowed to sit on any other seats, creating a clearer seperation between the two races.
  • German Citizenships removed

    The Nuremberg Laws were adjusted to enable the government to have the right to remove the German citizenships of Jews. This made it easier to isolate Jews as they no longer had a place to be since they could be declared at illegally living in Germany without the citizenship.
  • Change in Marriage Rights

    Change in Marriage Rights
    A new law had been created to prevent marriage ceremonies and extramaritial sexual intercourse between Germans and Jews. Anyone who broke this law, risked facing the punishment of imprisonment.
  • Limited appliances

    More restrictions were made to a Jew's access to certain appliances that were used to make life mroe easy and efficient. Jews were forced to hand over any electrical and optical equipment as well as their bicycles, type writers and records.
  • Baptisim

    Regardless if a Jew became baptised and changed religion, they were still considered to be members of the Jewish race. This meant they were forced to be classed only as a Jew, and still had to suffer the same restrictions revin if they had converted to christianity.
  • Banned from German Red Cross

    Banned from German Red Cross
    Jews were forbidden to join and become a member of the German Red Cross. The German Red Cross is an organisation that provides social servicces. At the time, being a part of the German Red Cross was quite a privledge and majority of Germany were members.
  • Lack of Privacy-Finances

    The Jews had to declare their finances so that the government is aware of their assets and is able to take them. Jews were also unable to to receive any wills from a person who was not a Jew.
  • Publicly dissing Jews- Street Names, Campaigns

    In Germany, all Jewish Street names were removed and replace. Campaign posters were also placed everywhere on the streets, publicising Hitler's beliefs that Jews were the cause of most problems.
  • Using Indicators- Names

    Using Indicators- Names
    Hitler had enforced another change by demanding that all male Jews had to add the name 'Israel' to their identity and female Jews were forced to do the same but with the name 'Sara'. This was added to their first names to make it easier for Germans to identify them and disrciminate against them by treating them differently from everyone else. The Jews also had to add a stamp of the Letter 'J' to their passports.
  • No Schooling

    No Schooling
    Many privlidges were taken away from the Jews. This applied for Jewish children too as they were not allowed to attend state and private schools or receive any form of education.
  • Limited careers, cutting off income

    Jews were not allowed to do many thing which included getting certain jobs. Jews were forbidden to have Jewish publicing houses and bookstores; they were forced to close down. Jewish females were also no longer allowed to work as midwives and would be punihsed severly if they ever defied these rulings. Jews also had to hand over their driving licenceand vehicle permits to the police, limiting more job options.
  • No security- Lack of safety even in homes.

    Germans now had the power to evict Jews from their homes at any given moment. They would kick Jews out of their house with no requirement of justifying a reason and also didn't need to have any advance notice.
  • Specific Curfews that only applied for Jews

    Jews were allocated certain time periods where they were allowed out. They were not able to leave their houses out of the time restrictions as it gave people the right to perform severe punishments. In winter they could not be out after 8pm and at 9pm in the Summer.