The merchant of venice 01

merchant of venice 1601-1700

  • Shabbat HaGadol

    Shabbat HaGadol
    Jews started celebrating Shabbat HaGadol, another form of passover, in England. For four nights they had service, (the first two nights and the last 2 nights) celebrating and giving praise for what God did for their ansestors so many years ago.
  • Fighting For the Return

    Fighting For the Return
    People started fighting for religious tolerance and for the Jews to be readmitted. They formed groups to speak out for their cause. Leonard Busher published a Religions Peace, or, a Plea for Liberty of Conscience. This was to be presented to James 1. This was the first published literary piece that promoted religious freedom. Over the next few years, books over religious tolarance were publisghed.
  • Read all about it !!

    Read all about it !!
    John Murton wrote a work called "Objections answered by way of dialogue," and it goes on about whats right. That no man should to be persecuted for his religion. This book became exteremly popular and was reprinted multiple times. This piece explained the authors own jugment on the basis of religion, that Jews should no longer be persecuted.
  • Chmielniki massacres

    Chmielniki massacres
    Cossak bands led by military leader Bogdan Chmielnicki brutally attacked Jewish communities in Poland, Lithuania, and the Ukraine. Historians debate the exact death toll, but it was likely tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands. The massacres were so widespread and so deadly that they shocked and scared the entire European Jewish world. They also spread a widely-held belief that the Messiah was coming imminently, setting the stage for the false messianism of Shabbetai Tzvi.
  • Hidding

    Most Jews practiced in secret if they wanted to remain in England, because they were afraid of what would become of them. Some Pretended to be Spanish merchants. They kept their religious lives privet, making it to where there are almost no record of them being there.
  • Cromwell is the MAN!

    Cromwell is the MAN!
    On the 18th, Cromwell let members of a committee know that he intended to admit the Jews unofficially if necessary. All the committee managed to do was to draw up a paper recommending that if Jews were readmitted to England, they be prevented from defaming Christianity or working on the Lord's day. They should not hold office, employ Christian servants or seek to convert Christians to Judaism. None of this became law. After that, the Semites came to England in increasing numbers.
  • Fighting to get back

    Fighting to get back
    Oliver Cromwell started the readmitting of the Jews into England. After he took power he sent a seven point petition on this day to the Council of State. This called for the Jews to be allowed back into England.
  • Gaining Citizenships

    Gaining Citizenships
    In 1660, King Charles granted azny jew citizenship. shortly after that many jews started moving to England from Brazil. They began building synagogues, schools, jewish makets and shops.
  • Really again..

    Thomas Violet petitioned his city council and the king to expel the Jews again.when King Charles sound out he sent a message to Parliament saying when they vote on this matter to take the Jews safety into consideration. The petition didn’t pass.
  • First Jewish Colony

    First Jewish Colony
    The first recorded Jewish colony in England after they were let back in, was located in Dublin. The head member was Manuel Lopes Pereir, alias Jaques Vanderpeere. He and his family played a big part in crypto-Jewish life in several places in England.
  • Ascamot

    The Sephardi community put out regulations on the Jewish communal organization. This was called the Ascamot, or Agreement. One of the things put in it was that there would be no more synagogues built.
  • The First Synagogue and its Name.

    The First Synagogue and its Name.
    From 1665 to 1667 the first synagouge was built on the land of Baruch Ve Salom (Blessing and Peace).
  • Court Access

    Court Access
    The court of the King Bench declared of that Jews were aloud to give evidence in court of law. They would be sworn on the Old Testament with their own beliefs.
  • Declaration of Indulgence

    Declaration of Indulgence
    This law was to help the Jews, by alowing them to: not have to attending the established Church. It also permitted them to be able to worship where they wanted too, ened the requirment to take religious oath before to civil or military office.
  • Taxes

    A special test was emposed on the Jews. By the 1700's were considered as second-class citizens all because of their religion. Soon they were forebidden from using Christan servents.
  • Royal exchange

    jews were allowed to be brokers on the royal exchange!