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Jewish Laws

By paris13
  • First anti-jewish laws passed.Jewsare no longer allowed

  • Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany

    Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of germany
  • First concecration camp established at Dachau ,Germany for political apponts

  • nazis organize a nationwaide Boycott of jewish-owned buisness in Germany

  • First anti-jewish laws passed.Jews are no longer allowed to be public employees

  • Every jewish teacher was to be discharged

  • nazis burn books of those considered un-German.Tis intoduces the idea of censrship and government control of culture

  • All hews could not belong to German automobile clubs

  • nazi government declared ''Racial Laws'' , making Jews non-citizens and for bidding marriage between jews and non-jews.These laws are commonly known as the NUREMBURG LAWS.

  • 11. Marriages All jews between citizens of German blood and Jews punished with prison. Marriages contracted despite this are void

  • 1-16 the summer Olympic Games are held in berlin,Germany.The nazis remove anti-jewish signs from public display and restrained anti-jewish activities to avoid international criticisim

  • Jews were not allowed to gruate

  • Aryan and non-Aryon children were not allowed to play togheter

  • 12-13 Germany annexes austria.thousands of autrian jews flee due to harsh anti-jewish actions that follow

  • Jewish doctors cold not no longer pratice

  • All street names that were jeish had to be renamed

  • All passports had to be stampted with a ''J''

  • 9-10 in nationwide pogrom called Kristallnacht,the nazis and thier collaborators burn synagogues and loot jewish homes and buisness.Approximatly 30,000 jewish men imprisoned in concecration camps

  • Jews were not allowed to go to operas,movies,and concerts

  • Jews were not allowed to attend public schools

  • Every jew was not allowed to use swimming pools

  • All jews were to turn in all drivers licenses

  • German troops invade Poland,marking the begging of world wr 2

  • All jews had no choice ut to to tun in all radio's

  • nazi government begins programs to kill mentally and physically disabled people in a ''euthanasia'' program known as the ''t-4 program''

  • German authorities begin forced deportion of jews from west west prussia,pozan ,danzign and lopz to location in the general government (formaly poland)

  • German troops invade the Netherlands,Belguim,Luxembourg,and France

  • Jews were only allowed to go food shopping between 4-5 pm

  • Every jew was forced to preform labor

  • German mobile killing squads,einsatzgruppen,were assigned to identify,concetrate ,and kill jews behind the front lines

  • german troops invade the Soviet Union

  • Jews not to obtain soap or shaving cream with ration cards

  • Jews were not allowed to go to public libraries

  • Jews all over the age of six who reside in Germany had to wear a yellow ''star of david'' in public at all times

  • Deportation of jews from Germany to the ''ghettos of lodz'',riga,and minsk begins

  • Jews were no longer allowed to emigrate

  • Grassing operations began at the Cheiom killing center

  • Jews were not allowed to use public telephones

  • Nazi offical meet in Wannsee to organize the ''Final Solution'' (the mass murder of jews in europe)

  • Jews were not allowed to buy candy or bakeries from stores

  • Jews were not allowed to purchase newspapers or magizines

  • All jews had to display the ''jewish star''

  • Jews were not allowed to have pets

  • 12. Jews have to turn in electrical appliances, bicycles, typewriters, and records

  • Jews were not allowed to go to school

  • First direct deportation to Auschwitz

  • Jews were not allowed to testify in court against germans

  • There were no milk bought or sold to any of the jews

  • Noone was allowed to supply jews with meat,or meat products

  • Jews were not allowed to buy books