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Timeline of the Causes of WW2

By Tallara
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    Timeline of the Causes if WW2

  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Communists attempt to overthrow the government. Versailles Treaty is signed. Germany agrees to pay war reparations
  • Hitler joins German Workers' Party

    Hitler joins German Workers' Party
    Hitler joins, then takes over, German Workers' Party.
  • NAZI party

    NAZI party
    The German Workers' Party, name chenges to National Socialist German Workers' Party (known as the NAZI party)
  • Repurcusions of treaty of versailles

    Attempts to pay war reparations cause economic turmoil and severe inflation. Spiralling prices create massive unemployment and large-scale hunger.
  • Brownshirts

    Hitler forms the SA (storm troopers), also known as the BROWNSHIRTS because of thier uniform. The storm troopers' role is to violently resis SOCIALISTS, communists and Jews,
  • Inflation and Failure 1923 (precice date unknown)

    France invades Germany's Ruhr Valley because of Germany's failure to repay war depts. German Workers go on strike. inf;ation makes German money nearly worthless. By November, one US dollar is worth 4 BILLION German marks
  • Hitler is arrested and Jailed

    Hitler is arrested and Jailed
    Hitler organises a rebellion against the Weimar government while in Munich, Bavaria, following the occupation of the Ruhr by foriegn troops, Hitler is tried and serves nine months in jail.
    (Nazis [under hitler] attempt to take power. The attempt fails and hitler is arrested)
  • New Currency

    New Currency
    Inflationary pressures ease and the German economy begins to recover. New German currency is introduced.
  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf ('my struggle'), which Hitler wrote while in prison, is released. This outlines Hitlers plan to rebuild Germany.
  • 1925-1930 LOOSING FAITH

    As Germany begins to return to prosperity, people start loosing faith in political oranisations like the NAZIS.
  • elections

    Elections for the REICHSTAG see extremist parties such as the NAZIS take only 13 percent of the vote.
  • NAZIS win 1928

    The NAZI party wins only 12 seats in the Reichstag.
    (reichstag-the german palemant)
  • Wall Street october 1929 (no specific date)

    Wall Street october 1929 (no specific date)
    Wall Street Crash sees American financiers starting to take their CAPITAL out of Germany.
    (capital-money used to fund business activity)
  • Depression 1930-1933

    The Depression begins in Germany, to cause massive unemployment and other problems in Germany. NAZI party wins 107 seats in the Reichstag.
  • Unemployment (date not precise

    street violence increases as unemployment grows in Germany. NAZIS win 203 seats in the Reichstag.
  • Hitler is elected

    Hitler is elected
    Hitler is elected CHANCELLOR of Germany. One of his promises is unemployment for all.
  • new law (date not precise)

    A new law excluded jews from government jobs
  • Boycott (date note precice

    Hitler ordered a boycott of jewish shops and buisnesses. The SA painted 'jude' ('jew') on windows and tried to persuade the public not to enter.
  • Jews start loosing jobs (date not precise)

    Thousands of jewish civil servants, lawyers and university teachers were sacked.
  • Anti-Jewish Propaganda (date not precise)

    Anti-Jewish propaganda increased.
    Local councils banned jews from public spaces such as parks, playinf fields and swimming pools.
  • Jews in the army (date not precise)

    Jews were forbidden to join the army.
  • The Nuremburg Laws

    The Nuremburg Laws were passed. the reich law on citizenship status that only those of German blood could be German citizens. Jews lost their citizenship, the right to vote and hold government office. The law for the protection of german blood and honour forbade marriage of sexual relations between jews and german citizens.
  • Berlin Olympics

    There was a lull in the anti-jewish campaign. Germany was hosting the Olympics in Berlin and wanted to give the outside worl a good impression.
  • jewish restrictions (date not precise)

    Professional activities of jews banned or restricted- this included vets, dentists, accountants, surveyors, teachers and nurses
  • Aryanisation takes over jewish businesses (date not precise)

    The Aryanisation of business was stepped up. More jewish businesses were taken over.
  • Serious increase in anti-jewish policies (date not precise)

    -Jews had to register their property, making it easier to confriscate.
    -Jewish doctors, dentists and lawyers were forbidden to treat Aryans.
    -Jewish children were excluded from German schools and universities .
    -Jews with non-jewish first names had to add and use the name 'Israel' for males or 'sarah' for females.
    -Jews had to have a red letter 'J' stamped in their passports.
  • Kristallnacht, 'Crystal Night'.

    Kristallnacht, 'Crystal Night'.
    Following the murder by a jew of a german diplomat in paris, the SA started a three-day campaign to destroy jewish shops, homes and synagogues throughout Germany. About 90 Jews were killed and a further 20,000 arrested and put into concentration camps. This was known as KRISTALLNACHT, or 'Crystal Night' after all the broken glass which littered streets everywhere.
  • Jewish restrictions (date not precise)

    Jews were no longer allowed to run hops or businesses.
    Jews were forbidden to own radios or to buy cakes ond chocolate.