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History of Judaism and the Jewish People

  • 115

    Kitos War

    Kitos War
    The war began when a Jewish priest led an attack on a Roman Garrison after the Romans commited offences against Jewish property. This attack led to the Jewish victory at the battle of Bezetha that was led by Cestius Gallus. Due to this attack Vespaian gained command of the Roman forces and took control of Jewish towns for a year until he left his son Titus to be in charge of the siege. This was important to the history of Judaism because it was the second of the Jewish-Roman wars.
  • 132

    Jerusalem is renamed Aelia Capitolina and a large Jewish revolt is held against Rome

    Jerusalem is renamed Aelia Capitolina and a large Jewish revolt is held against Rome
    Hadrian originally renamed Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina because he wanted to name it after his clan (Aelia) and Jupiter, the pagen god (Capitolina). He eventually rebuil the city with the Roman city plan and eventually declared that anyone who was circumcised would be forbbiden from staying in the city and would be executed immedietly. This rule was inforced until the forth century CE. Due to Jerusalems transformation from a Jewish to Roman city the Bar Kokhba revolt (132-135) occured.
  • Dec 30, 1066

    Granada massacre

    Granada massacre
    An attack by a Muslim mob that killed over a thousand Jewish families adn killed Joseph ibn Naghrela, who was the Jewish vizier of the Berber king. Out of the people who fled during the massacre were Abraham Ibn Ezra adn Rabbi Yosef Karo, who are both famous for commentating the Bible.
  • Jan 1, 1095

    The Christian Crusades begin and Jerusalem is temporarily captured

    The Christian Crusades begin and Jerusalem is temporarily captured
    The christian cursadesDespite the fact that Christians had visited the Holy land since the time of Constatine, however in the 11th century Christians were prevented from visiting the Holy Land by the Seljuk Turks who took control of Jerusalem. Before the Seljuk's had taken over the Muslims had ruled the city of Jerusalem since 638 and naturally the sudden denial by the Turks in the allowance of pilgrimages infuriated the Christians which helped lead the the Crusades.
  • Jan 1, 1290

    Edward I forces Jews from England

    Edward I forces Jews from England
    Edward expelled the Jews from their homes and kept their money and property. With the money King Edward gained from this he managed to finance his ambitions to take over Scotland and Wales. In the year 1275 Edward issued the Statute of Jewry which forced the Jewish population to pay severe taxes. This method proved to be a popular one and eventually extended the policy further.
  • Jan 1, 1300

    Judaism is formed

    Judaism is formed
    Judaism was originally founded in present day Israel and Palestine. The main figures in the Jewish religion are Isaac, Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. The Jewish people study the Torah, which is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. The four main types of Judaism in the present are Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox.
  • Jan 1, 1334

    Casimir the Great invites persecuted Jews to Poland

    Casimir the Great invites persecuted Jews to Poland
    Originally the Polish leaders let the Jews come to Poland because they were interested in developing Polands money economy. Casimir the Great allowed the Jews into Poland a year after he ascended the throne and in doing so exempted the Jews from German law and instead put them under the laws of the Voivodes. Casimir succeded in his goal and continued to invite the Jews into Poland.
  • Jan 1, 1478

    The Spanish Inquisition

    The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition, which was actually instituted by Pope Innocent III in 1216, was a religious sect that would force people to confess to acts of heresy and then recieve punishment deat to them by the Clergy. Some of the punishments included: physical abuse/turture, being thrown in the dungeons, confiscation of property, banishment from public life, and burning at the stack both with and wihtout strangulaion.
  • Jan 1, 1492

    The Alhambra Decree is passed

    The Alhambra Decree is passed
    The Alhambra Decree was a law set in place that allowed the preservation of national monuments and importnat historical documentation. This law eventually seperated the caretakers of these monuments into different groups, each one assigned to a different monument or a diferent set of documents that they were in charge of protecting and maintaining.
  • Aug 2, 1492

    Bayezid II invites expelled Jews to the Ottoman Empire

    Bayezid II invites expelled Jews to the Ottoman Empire
    The Jews were forced from their homes in Spain and were either forced to conver to Christianity or leave the country. Many Jews choose to leave and Sultan Bayazid II immidiately welcomed the Jewish people into the Ottoman Empire. It was the Edict of Queen Isabell and King Ferdinand of Spain that forced the Jews to leave the country and many arived August 2nd which was when Columbus set off to go to the New World from a port called Palos.
  • Jan 12, 1493

    Jews kicked out of Sicily

    Jews kicked out of Sicily
    When Sicily became a province of Aragon in 1412 about 37,000 Jews were forced to leave Sicily. Most never returned to Sicily. However during the 18th century Jews were once again invited to come back to Siciily. Only a few in extremely small numbers actually returned to Sicily, most stayed where they had moved after being kicked out.
  • Jan 1, 1516

    The first ghetto in Europe is establised in Venice

    The first ghetto in Europe is establised in Venice
    Initially there were no jews in Venice until around the 13th century, and Jewish merchants and moneylenders began to stay in the city around the beginning of the 10th century. By 1252 Jews were unable to settle in the main part of the city and were forced to settle in Spinaulunga. In 1394 Jews were forced to wear special clothing to show that they were Jews, some of these items include: a yellow badge, a yellow hat, and a red hat. The ghetto is located in Nuova, which was a small island.
  • Large edition of the Ashkenazi mahzor is published in Venice

    Large edition of the Ashkenazi mahzor is published in Venice
    Three large volumes were printed about: the Sabbath, the Holidays, the New Month, Purim, the wedding ceremony, and circumcision. It features a fancy title page that features distinct italian styles, and was published by Joseph and acob Hai Cohen. A library has a copy of the book in such good conditon that it was supposudly either well preserved, or not used.
  • Palestine riots

    Palestine riots
    The realations between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine had been peaceful for years until late 1928, when minor disputes between Jews and Arabs began taking place. This eventually led to Haj Amin al-Husseini to accuse the Jews of putting the Mosques and various other Holy sites of Islam in danger. Husseini even strapped bombs onto some of his supporters and used them as an attempt to drive the Jews out of Palestine.
  • Hitler takes over Germany

    Hitler takes over Germany
    Hitler becomes ChancellorWhen Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany the Country had little experience with Democracy, and most of the Country was unwilling to leave it as a Democracy. Hitler used the fact that Germany was in the middle of a great depression to control the people Germany and began using the Jewish people as a scapegoat for all of Germany's problems. This eventually led to the Holocaust in World War 2.
  • Nuremberg laws were passed

    Nuremberg laws were passed
    The Nurember laws were a set of laws that said that nobody who was not a Jew could be married to a Jew or have a sexual relation with a Jew. These laws also began cutting back on what rights a Jewish person had, and it made families send in their children who had mental, or medical issues, almost all of which were killed once they arrived as part of Hitlers plan to create a master race of Aryeans.
  • The Holocaust begins

    The Holocaust begins
    When Hitler instructed German troops to take over Poland he officially started World War 2. Thsi war later became known as the Holocaust for the Slaughter of countless Jewish people for no actual reason. This war also led to increased eugenics happening in Germany with the killing of all mentally sick children.
  • British government issues the White Paper

    British government issues the White Paper
    The White papers are documents made by the Bovernment that Set an outline for settings and details on future policies on various political events and decisions. The White Paper in 1939 was made to help ease tensions between Palistine and the Jewish poeple, pertaining to the fact that both grop should be allowed to go to the Holy land and worship.
  • The Holocaust ends

    The Holocaust ends
    Germany surrendersThe Holocaust ended with Hitler Killing himself, his wife, and his dog, they were all poisionsed, and Hitler just shot himslef in the head. Shortly after the second in command issues Germany's surrender from World War 2 and thousands of Jews are finally freed from concentration camps.
  • Elie Wiesel wins the Nobel Peace Prize

    Elie Wiesel wins the Nobel Peace Prize
    Elie wiesel on OprahElie Wiesel is a Jewish author who was in Aushwithz during the Holocaust. He was Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his book 'Night' which is used in schools all over the country. Him and his entire family were taken from their home along with all of their friends and neighbors to Auschwitz, where Elie got seperated from his Mom and Sister, who he never saw again, and was instead left with his father during his entire stay in Auschwitz, until the end, when Elies father died while he slept.
  • Solomon's Temple is destroyed and Jerusalem falls to Nebuchadnezzar

    Solomon's Temple is destroyed and Jerusalem falls to Nebuchadnezzar
    Solomons temple was originally built by King Solomon however, his father King David was the one who had the origianl blueprints, which had been given to him by the Prophen Nathan. The construction of Solomons temple took place in 833 BCE and it took place on the top of Mount Moriah. Thousands of men had to preform the tasks in order to build the temple, they had to cut down trees and mine stone. After his death the country fell apart and eventually in 586 Solomon's temple was destroyed.
  • The Maccabees revolt against the Hellenistic Empire of Seleucids resulting in the installation of the Hanukkah holiday

    The Maccabees revolt against the Hellenistic Empire of Seleucids resulting in the installation of the Hanukkah holiday
    Antiochus Epiphanes IV, ruler of the Syrian kingdom, decided that Judaism was to be banned and that Studying the Torah, circumcising Jewish boys, and observing the Sabbath were all offences punishable by death. He did this in an attempt to make all his subjects worship the same Gods and share a similar culture. Mattathias was to be an example for the Jews and was to sacrifice a pig on a pagen alter, he refused and organized a rebellion with a small group of other Jews and eventually won.
  • Emperor Hadrian dies

    Emperor Hadrian dies
    Video on Emperor HadrianAfter being respnsible for the death of around 600,000 Jews and turning Jerusalem into a Roman City, Emperor Hadrian dies. Before he kicked the Jews out of Jerusalem he was considered to be one of the most peace loving Emperors. He also brought about a golden age for his people with a military upbringing and refined artistic tastes. At the age of 60 Emperor Hadrian drank himself to death after a servent of his refused to kill him.
  • Jewish mathmatical calender is created

    Jewish mathmatical calender is created
    The Jewish mathmatical calendar is a very accurate calender compared to it's predecessor, the lunar calender. A Jewish month is split up into 29 days, 12 hours, and 793 parts. The Dechiyot in the calender prevent different lengths of the year, and stop holidays form falling on th wrong time of the week. The Jewish calender also has 14 possible formats that it can have during the year all of which can be identified by codes.
  • Golden age of Jewish Culture in Spain

    Golden age of Jewish Culture in Spain
    The Jews of Spain lived as merchants who sold sugarcane, cotton, marble, gold, silver, iron, and copper. However tensions between the Jews and the Muslims in the area were high and soon oseph ibn Nagrela was assassinated. He was a Jewish vizier in the cort of Granada. This soon led to Abd al-Mu'min al-Mohade bringing in more Islamic warriors and forcing the Jews out of Spain for 6 decades, until Christian troops destroyed the Almohade.