The Road to Auschwitz

  • Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor.

    Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor.
    March 3, 1933. Jewish lawyers and notaries were no longer allowed to practice in Berlin.
  • Period: to

    Road To Auschwitz

  • First concentration camp established at Dachau, Germany.

    First concentration camp established at Dachau, Germany.
  • Nazis organized a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses.

    April 1, 1933. Jewish teachers were to be discharged.
  • First anti-Jewish laws were passed. Jews wer no longer aloud to be public enployees.

    April 25, 1933. Jews were expelled from sports clubs.
  • Nazis burn books of those considered un-German. Introduces censorship and government control of culture.

    August 22, 1933. Jews were not allowed to use the beach in Wannsee.
  • Law

    March 5, 1934. Jewish actors and actresses prohibited from performing.
  • Nazi govt. declared racial laws making jews non citizens and forbidding marriage between jews and non-jews.

    September 15, 35. Marriages between citizens of german blood and Jews punished with prison.
  • Olympic Games Began in Berlin

    April 10, 1936. The conversion from Judaism to Christianity has no bearing on race, based on birth one was still considered a Jew.
  • Germany annexes Austria. Thousanads of Jews flee due to harsh anti-Jewish actions that follow.

    1. Aryan and non-Aryan children cant play together.
  • In a nationwide attack called Kristallnacht. Nazis and collaborators burn Jewish synagogues and raid Jewish homes.

    July 27, 1938. Streets with Jewish names to be renamed.
  • Law

    November 15, 1938. Jewish Children no longer allowed to attend public school.
  • Law

    December 3, 1938. Jews to hand in drivers liscenses.
  • Law

    February 21, 1939. Jew to turn in gold, silver, platinum, pearls.
  • German Troops invade Poland marking the beginning

    1. In Bavarian Square Jews were only allowed to sit on benches marked with yellow colors.
  • Law

    September 23, 1939. Jews to turn in radios.
  • Nazi govt begins program to kill mentally and physicaly disabledpeople in a euthanasia program.

    July 27, 1939. Jew's last will and testaments are no longer valid.
  • German authorities begin forced deportation of Jews from West Prussia, Poznan, Danzig and Lodz

    September 1, 1939. Jews not allowed to leave home after 8:00pm; 9:00pm in summer.
  • German troops invade the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.

    July 4, 1940. Jews allowed to shop for foodbetween 4pm and 5pm only.
  • Nazi officials met in Wannsee to organize th Final Solution.

    February 14, 1942. Bakeries and candy stores off-limits to Jews.
  • German mobile killing squads, Einsatgruppen, were assigned to identify, concentrate, and kill jews behind the front lines.

    June 26, 1941. Jews not to obtain soap or shaving cream wit hration cards.
  • German troops invade Soviet Union.

    March 4, 1941. All Jews to perform forced labor.
  • Jews over the age of six who reside in Germany had to wear a yellow Star of David in public at all times.

    August 2, 1941. Jews were not allowed ot use public libraries.
  • Deportation of Jews from Germany to the ghettos of Lodz, Riga and Minsk begins.

    September 1, 1941. Jews over six years of age had t owear a yellow star with the word Jew.
  • Gassing operations began at the Chelmno killing center.

    September 18, 1941. Supplying jews with meat, meat products was prohibited. Jews needed police approval to leave neighborhoods in which they reside.
  • Law

    December 21, 1941. Jews not allowed ot use public telephones.
  • Law

    May 15, 1942. Jews not allowed to have pets.
  • Law

    July 10, 1942. No milk.
  • First Direct Deportation to Auschwitz.

    February 17, 1942. Jews not allowed to purchase newspapers or magazines.
  • Law

    October 9, 1942. Jews not allowed ot buy books.