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Tracing Antisemitism

  • 1800 BCE

    19th century Anti-antisemitism

    Anti Jew riots broke out in Russia, and after these riots the Russian government restricted Jews into areas known as pales. This is one reason why millions immigrated to the western world. In Austria and Germany their was a popular political popular based on Anti-Semitic views. in 18894 an important man named Alfred Dreyfus who was a highly ranked military officer was falsely convicted of Treason. This controversial case left scars of France politics for a while.
  • 70 BCE

    Roman Empire

    Roman Empire
    The temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, and the exile of Jews followed with it. Gospels gave Romans power and Jews were known as killers of god's son.
  • 66 BCE


    Anti-Semmetic riot in Egypt in the city of Alexandria, many Jews were killed and confined to only one area of the city. This came to be an issue as Jews were constantly expelled from Egypt for being lepers. Around 50 thousand Jews were killed.
  • Jan 1, 1096

    The first Crusades

    The first Crusades
    Many Jews were denied their citizen rights were thought in the public eye as vermin, as a plague that must be wiped out of existence. Knights of the crusades lead death and destruction of the Jewish people in France and the holy Roman Empire. Huge allegations of Jews using Christian children blood for their breed was huge propaganda that as believed.
  • Apr 6, 1492

    Spanish Explusion

    Spanish Explusion
    With many countries and powerful states exiling Jews from their state for being evil, violent, and greedy was the main reason for Spain to exile Jews as well. Jews became moneylenders, bankers, and traders (merchants) and were very successful economically which cause forced Expulsion with countries like: Spain, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Provence, and the Patal States. Only Jews who converted to Christianity were allowed to remain, all other Jews were forced out of Spain.
  • Protestant Reformation

    Protestant Reformation
    Not many things changed for Jewish people during the Reformation of the 16th century. One man in particular who was level headed and sympathized with the Jews named Martin Luther.
  • Enlightenment

    Life changed for the Jewish people of the Western world during the 17th and 18th century. Massacres and persecutions occurred with the Jewish people until this time. This was an intellectual movement in which ideas of God, nature, reason, and humanity became a worldview and in-sighted revolutionary developments in the areas of Philosophy, art, and politics most notably. Enlightenment thinkers blamed Jews for the injustices followed by monotheistic religions, not the Crucifixion of Jesus.
  • Emancipation

    Followed by the France civil war, Antisemitism did not end, it merely transformed into Nationalism. Once Germany was unified in 1871, Jews were used as a scapegoat by Germans and Austrians alike, and eventually became a political party of Anti-antisemitism.
  • Before and After WW1

    Before and After WW1
    Before the first world war, Anti-Semitic tensions were very low across the world, except for Russia. Russia published a book where it described a Jewish plot for world Dominance, and was used as propaganda. After the war anti-Semitic tensions intensified greatly and in 1917 anti-Semites and nationalists tried to blame the Jews for WW1
  • Nazi Regime and Holocaust

    Nazi Regime and Holocaust
    Anti-antisemitism has reached a new dimension, the murder of Jewish man, woman, and children was embedded in the Nazi ideologies. People believed that this would end their salvation and purification for the German people. An estimated 5.7 million Jews were exterminated in Death camps across Nazi controlled Europe. This is the worst genocide of the Jewish people to date, and is taught in almost every school in Europe and the Western world. Jews also lost all valuables, rights, and land.
  • Holocaust denial

    Men like Harry Barnes, David Hoggan, Austin App, Arthur Butzs, and Paul Rassinier all believed that the Holocaust did not happen and that Nazi Germany was the victim of the war. Many people did not die, or non died at all and it was all a hoax. An anti holocaust movement was built in 1961, and David Hoggan was the man in charge. Many do beleive that thousands of Jews were killed due to harsh policies, however they all ignore the fact that millions died.
  • What is Anti-Semitism?

    Anti-semitism is like a form of racism. It is hostility, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. Anti-semitism has been an issue with Jews dating as far back as pre-Romans, and probably even further.
  • 21st century Anti-Semitism

    21st century Anti-Semitism
    Over 12% of surveyed Americans believe that the holocaust never happened, and with the internet and Muslim leaders that spew anti-Semitic notions about their own people to others, leads to an issue of modern day Antisemitism. Many stereotypes are also believed, Jews wanting world dominance, they are all greedy, violent, and suspicious people. Many propaganda cartoons of Jews exist that hurts them socially, and their is still a large issue with antisemitism both in Europe and the Western world.