Holocaust Timeline - History

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    Reichszentrale is Created

    Reichszentrale was an organization that fought against homosexuality and abortion in Germany. This would've affected gay people because if they got exposed or outed, it could've meant eventually getting sent to death or labor camps.
  • The Schutzstaffel is Organized

    The Schutzstaffel was a group founded by Adolf Hitler as personal bodyguards, but they evolved into a group to do HItler's dirty deeds without legal restraint. This would've affected the German people the most because if they wanted to do something about Hitler, they couldn't.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    Hitler was elected into office by the people due to the Germans needing someone to lead them out of economic ruin. The German people were most affected because their change in government would lead to a long war and even worse stigma about Germans being evil.
  • Hitler Claims Emergency Power

    Hitler claimed emergency government powers so he could waive civilians' rights and establish a legal dictatorship. This most affected the Jewish people because due to this, Hitler could now set up death camps without public disproval.
  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    The boycott on Jewish businesses in Germany was thought to be a retaliation to the Jewish boycott on German businesses, but that boycott was dropped in early March 1933. A group that was affected were the Jews because their income and ability to survive were greatly damaged.
  • Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases is Passed

    The Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases was a law that stated the Germans could forcefully sterilize physically and mentally disabled people without legal action being taken.
  • Law Against Dangerous Habitual Criminals was Passed

    The Law Against Dangerous Habitual Criminals was a law passed that states if one is deemed dangerous enough, they could be permanently detained. It also allowed castration as a punishment for sex offenders. This would've affected all the persecuted groups, but especially the Jews because now the Nazi party had the power to indefinitely detain them and rob them of freedom.
  • The Nuremberg Laws are Passed

    The Nuremberg laws were anti-semitic and racist laws, such as prohibiting Jews from marrying non-Jewish Germans. This would affect the Jewish people because it restricts their rights.
  • Nazis Occupy Rhineland

    Rhineland, an area residing just west of Germany, was demilitarized in the Treaty of Versailles. Germany reclaiming that land helped them further descend on the French. The French would've been most impacted by this because impending doom was bad.
  • Kristallnacht

    Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass was a night where the German people massacred Jewish people and ruined their businesses without intervention from police. The people that were most affected by this were the Jewish people because they were killed for no reason without the police controlling the situation.
  • Creation of the Einsatzgruppen

    The Einsatzgruppen were a German death squad that were responsible for many massacres on the Jewish people, mainly shootings. The Jewish were mainly affected by this because this was towards the start of the extermination of Jewish people.
  • St. Louis Ship is Denied

    The St. Louis Ship was a ship harboring over 900 Jewish refugees escaping from Germany, and it was denied landing in Cuba. This would've affected the Jewish people on the ship because even though the U.S.A. made sure none of them were sent back to Germany, they still didn't have the benefit of ensured safety.
  • The Yellow Star Began Identifying Jews

    The Yellow Star was a symbol that was meant for everyone to be able to identify a Jewish person from what they were wearing. This affected the Jewish people because this was one of first signs of discrimination in Germany.
  • Germany Invades Poland

    Germany invaded Poland, which sparked the start of World War II due to Poland's alliance with France and Britain. This would've affected everyone, but mainly the Polish people because their country was being invaded and pillaged.
  • Auschwitz Opens

    Auschwitz was the most prominent death camp for Jews and other oppressed groups. A group that was most affected by this were the Jews because 1.1 million jews were executed here alone.
  • Lodz Ghetto Opens

    The Lodz Ghetto was the second largest ghetto, only after the Warsaw Ghetto that housed Polish Jews and Roma. This would've affected the Polish Jews the most because it was just about specific for them.
  • Madagascar Plan Presented

    The Madagascar Plan was the idea of the Jewish population being forcibly located to Madagascar with no way out. The group that would've been most affected by this was the Jewish people because they would be the ones forcibly relocated from their homes.
  • Period: to

    Babi Yar

    Babi Yar is a Ukranian ravine where a massacre took place, killing over 33,000 Jews. The Jewish were most impacted by this because they were getting massacred.
  • The Last Gassing at Auschwitz

    The last execution at Auschwitz was sometime in December. This affected the Jewish people because they knew all the discrimination and persecution was almost over.
  • Wannsee Conference

    This conference was between high-ranking Axis officials confirming the cooperation of other officials about the Final Solution, which was the plan to wipe out all Jewish people. This would've affected Jewish people because they were being exterminated due to it.
  • Commisair Order

    This order states that any Soviets or suspected Bolshevists should be treated as Jews and executed. This would've affected the Russian / Soviet people because they'd be killed on sight, even if they were innocent.
  • Creation of the Zigeunerlager

    The Zigeunerlager was a death camp specifically for Roma, or Gypsies. The Romani people were affected by this because their own people were being executed here.
  • Himmler Orders Liquidation of All Ghettos

    Himmler liquidates the rest of the ghettos in hopes to eradicate all the Jewish before it's too late. This affected the Jewish people the most because they were getting executed yet again.
  • Dr. Josef Mengele Arrives at Auschwitz

    Dr. Josef Mengele was dubbed the "Angel of Death" because of his involvement in heinous experiments involving twins and the mentally disabled. His arrival affected the mentally disabled at Auschwitz because due to his ways, they could be executed earlier or tortured even more.
  • Himmler Orders the Destruction of Auschwitz

    Heinrich Himmler, a high ranking German official, ordered the destruction of Auschwitz to destroy evidence of the death camps. This would've affected the Jewish people because that would've meant none of them would've made it out alive had it been successful.
  • Liberation of Auschwitz

    The Liberation of Auschwitz freed all the prisoners there. This mainly affected the Jews because they were freed from torture camps.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Adolf Hitler commits suicide alongside his wife as an easy way out. This would've affected the German people the most because a dictator had just been placed out of power, but it also caused the Germans to be responsible for millions of death.
  • International Military Tribunal

    The International Military Tribunal was a huge trial convicting 21 out of 24 German leaders of multiple war crimes. This would affect the Nazi Party the most because their most power leaders had just been thrown in jail.
  • Adolf Eichmann Captured

    Adolf Eichmann was one of Hitler's main men, and he was captured and killed for his contribution to executing Jews. The Israelis were impacted because their government was the one to execute him and most probably felt more at peace or felt like justice had been served.
  • Dr. Josef Mengele Dies

    Dr. Mengele, the "Angel of Death" died from a stroke while swimming in Brazil. This would affect people all around the world, but the Jewish might be more affected because of his crimes towards the Jewish people.