• Period: to

    17th Century Jews in England

  • Judaizing Expelled

    Judaizing Expelled
    A small Marrano colony founded by Queen Elizabeth was expelled on charges of Judaizing. This is important because they made jews change thier religion to christianity and anyone practicing jewish beliefs got in trouble.
  • The First Call

    The First Call
    Sir Henry Finch, the legal advisor to King James the First makes the first call to restore the Jews to their homeland through his writing of The Worlds Great Restoration or Calling of the Jews. This is important because this is the first step back of admitting Jews back in England.
  • First Petition

    First Petition
    The first petition to re-admit the Jews to England was presented to Lord Fairfax. The petition by Johanna and Ebenezer Cartwright called for "Repealing the Act of Parliament" for their banishment from England. Unfortunately, due to the turmoil in England and the execution of King Charles, the petition was never given a hearing.
  • First Coffeeshop in London

    First Coffeeshop in London
    Jacob and Cirques Jobson were the first Jews to open a coffeeshop west of Venice. Lloyds of London and the London Stock Exchange. These would evolve into some of the most venerable British mercantile institutions. This is important because this is one of the first Jewish businesses opened up wes. This shows that the Jews were beginning to get more freedom.
  • Mercurius Politicus

    Mercurius Politicus
    The writer of the "Mercurius Politicus" suggested that the government could make good use of the Jews for obtaining political info. This is important because people are starting to realize there are some good things about Jews.
  • Residency is recieved

    Residency is recieved
    Abraham Israel Carvajal and his two sons received residency rights (endenizened) as "crypto Jews" thus becoming the founder of the (Marrano) London Jews community.
  • The Seven-Point Petition

    The Seven-Point Petition
    Oliver Cromwell submits a Seven-Point Petition to the Council of State. This act was the beginning of Jews gaining the ability to live in England again. This is important because the Jews are now finally beginning to get their freedoms back in England.
  • They're back!

    They're back!
    The Jews are officially allowed back into England in 1656. This is important because all the Jews have freedom in England now, unlike in other places.
  • The Deal

    The Deal
    A small group of long-time resident crypto-Jewish merchants of London were allowed to purchase land for a Jewish cemetery in 1657. Among them, Antonio Fernadez Carvajal, a major dealer in cochineal, gunpowder and silver who had advanced large sums to Parliament and provided Cromwell with significant information against the Dutch during the war. This is important because at the time Egland was giving the Jews things to help them in the war.
  • Rejected

    Thomas Violet petitioned the London city council and the King demanding the re-expulsion of all Jews. King Charles, asked Parliament to take this into consideration. The Violet's petition was rejected. This is important because many people in England are still on the Jew's side.
  • Royalty

    Jews are granted royal protection.
  • 400!

    The number of Jews in England had reached 400. This is important because the number of Jews in England are starting to increase because of the new laws.
  • Synagogue

    The first synagogue of Spanish-Portugese Jews is beginning construction in Britain. It was completed in 1701. It is the oldest synagogue in the UK. This is important because England is now letting the Jews practice their religion in public.
  • This is Blasphemy!

    This is Blasphemy!
    The Act of Supressing Blasphemy is passed. This granted the recognition to the legality of practicing Judaism in England. This is important because it shows the people of england of changing and starting to respect Jewish religion.
  • First Jew

    First Jew
    Medina is the first Jew knighted by William III of England. Medina had helped finance what became known as the "glorious revolution" which installed William of Orange and Mary (the daughter of James II) on the throne. Their rule ended any hope for a restoration of catholic rule in England. This is important because it shows that Jews are now apart of the country and are getting reconized for things.
  • A New Plan

    A New Plan
    Moses Mendelssohn proposes a modified way of Jewish life