Anne frank

The Holocaust laws and events

By mussery
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.
  • Lawyers Law

    Lawyers Law
    Jewish lawyers/nototaries can no longer practice in Berlin.
  • Camps

    First concentration camp established at Dachau, Germany for political opponents.
  • Planning

    Nazis organize a nationwide boycott of Jewish-owned businesses in Germany.
  • Fisrt law passed

    Fisrt law passed
    First anti-Jewish laws passed. Jews are no longer allowed to be public employees.
  • Sports Laws

    Sports Laws
    Jews expelled from sports clubs.
  • Burning

    Nazis burn books of those considered un-German. This introduces the idea of censorship and government control of culture.
  • Choir Laws

    Choir Laws
    Jews expelled from choir clubs.
  • Performing Laws

    Performing Laws
    Jewish musicians prohibited from performing.
  • Racial laws

    Racial laws
    Nazi government declared "racial laws," making Jews and non-Jews and forbidding marriage between Jews and non-Jews. These laws are commonly known as the NUREMBERG LAWS.
  • Religion Laws

    Religion Laws
    The conversion from Judaism to Christianity has no bearing on race-based on birth one is still considered a jew.
  • Olympic games

    Olympic games
    The summer Olympic Games are held in Berlin, Germany. The Nazis remove anti-Jewish signs from public display and restrained anti-Jewish activities to avoid international criticism.
  • Graduation Laws

    Graduation Laws
    Jews were not allowed to graduate.
  • Children Law

    Children Law
    Aryan and non-Aryan children can't play together.
  • Period: to


    Germany annexes Austria (Anschluss). Thousands of Austrian Jews flee due to harsh anti-Jewish actions that follow.
  • Practice Law

    Practice Law
    Jewish doctors can no longer practice.
  • Middle name Laws

    Middle name Laws
    Jews to add middle name of "Sarah" or "Israel".
  • Period: to


    In a nationwide pogrom (attack) called Kristallnacht, the Nazis and their collaborators burn synagogues and loot Jewish homes and businesses. Approximatley 30,000 Jewish men imprisoned in concentration camps.
  • Self Employment Laws

    Self Employment Laws
    Jews cannot be self employed in any trade.
  • Movies Law

    Movies Law
    Jews not allowed to go to movies, operas and concerts.
  • Discharged employee Law

    Discharged employee Law
    Jewish employees may be discharged without notice or benefits.
  • School law

    School law
    Jewish children no longer allowed to attend public schools.
  • Stars

    In Bavarian Square Jews only allowed to sit on benches marked with yellow color.
  • Mineral turn in law

    Mineral turn in law
    Jews to turn in gold, silver, platinun, pearls.
  • Teatement Law

    Teatement Law
    Jew's last will and testements are no longer valid.
  • Poland

    German troops invade Poland, marking the beginning of World War 2.
  • Radio Laws

    Radio Laws
    Jews to turn in radios.
  • Period: to


    Nazi government begins program to kill mentally and physically disabled people in a "euthanasia" program known as the"T-4 program."
  • Deportation

    German authorities begin forced deportation of Jews from West Prussia,Poznan,Danzid and Lodz to locations in the General Government (formerly Poland).
  • Period: to


    Jewish not eligible for clothing rations.
  • Netherlands

    German troops invade the Netherlands, Belgium,Luxembourg, and France.
  • Shopping Law

    Shopping Law
    Jews allowed to shop for food between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. only.
  • Labor Laws

    Labor Laws
    All Jews to forced labor.
  • Period: to


    German mobile killing squads Einsatzgruppen, were assigned to identify, concentrate, and kill Jews behind the front lines.
  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union
    German troops invade the Soviet Union.
  • Cleaning Laws

    Cleaning Laws
    Jews not to obtain soap or shaving creamwith ration cards.
  • Library Law

    Library Law
    Jews not allowed to use public libraries.
  • Star of David

    Star of David
    Jews over the age of 6 who reside in Germany had to wear a yellow star of David in public at all times.
  • Transportation Laws

    Transportation Laws
    Jews not allowed to use public transportation, if crowded. They are only permitted to sit down when none of the other passengers are standing.
  • Ghettos

    Deportation of Jews in Germany to the ghettos of Lodz, Rida, and Minsk begins.
  • Chelmo

    Gassing operations began at the Chelmo killing center.
  • Period: to

    Final solution

    Nazis officials meet in Wannsee
  • Turning in law

    Turning in law
    Jews have to turn in electrical appliances,bicycles,typewriters,and records,
  • School laws

    School laws
    Jews not allowed to go to school.
  • Milk Laws

    Milk Laws
    No Milk.
  • Auschwitz

    First direct deportation to Auschwitz.
  • Court Laws

    Court Laws
    Jews cannot testify in court against Germans.
  • Meat Laws

    Meat Laws
    Supplying Jews with meat, meat products prohibited.
  • Books Law

    Books Law
    Jews are not allowed to buy books.