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Nazi Actions against Jews in 1933-1939

  • Adolf Hitler becomes German Chancellor

    Adolf Hitler becomes German Chancellor
    By becoming the chancellor Hitler created the Third Reich, which became a regime in which citizens had no gauranteed rights and German Jews delt with over 400 decrees and regulations for the next six years.
  • Period: to

    Nazi actions against Jews

  • First Concentration Camp Built

    First Concentration Camp Built
    Outside of Dacau, Germany, the first SS-managed concentration camp opens, incarcerating Nazi's political opponents
  • Boycotting

    The Nazi Party and it's affiliated organizations, the SS, SA, and Hitler Youth, start a nationwide boycott of all shops owned by Jews
  • The Book Burning

    The Book Burning
    University students burn all books they deemed "un-German", mostly Jewish literature and immoral influences, in massive bonfires as huge ceremonies.
  • New president

    New president
    The German president dies, and Hitler becomes president of Germany
  • Nuremberg "Race Laws"

    Nuremberg "Race Laws"
    Hitler makes the Reich Citenzenship Law and Law for the Protection of the German Blood and Honor making jews into second-class citizens prohibiting intermarriages and criminilize sexual relations between jews and "person of german or related blood " Even people that were part of another religion or had 3 or 4 grandparents that were jewish were labeled as jews.
  • German Olympics

    German Olympics
    The summer olympics in Berlin. German officials work very hard to portray Germany as a respectable member of the international community, they do this by removing anti-jewish signs from the public and restrain from anti-jewish activities. Due to pressure from foreign olympic delegations they include one part-jew on their olympic team. Germany also lifted their anti-homoseuxuality laws for foreign visitors during the games
  • Buchenwald concentration camp

    the inspectorate of cencentration camps opens near the city of Weimar, Germany. 56,ooo people were murdered there, 11,000 of them jews.
  • The Eternal Jew

    The Eternal Jew
    Nazi propaganda exhibition opens in Munich
  • Preventive Suppression of Crime by the Police

    The Preventive Suppression of Crime by the Police allows the roundup of people that are considered asocial, habitual criminals, or making their living from criminal activity. German authorities often included gypsies in the roundups. The decree authorized German police to arrest and hold them for an indefinite amount of time in concentration camps if they are suspected of asocial behavior or are criminals.
  • Germany takes Austria

    Germany incorporates Austria into the German Reich once they invade. street violence against jewish people and property in multiple cities during the spring, summer, and autumn leading to the "Night of Crystal" (Kristallnacht) riots
  • Hungary anti-Jewish laws

    The laws and and measures exclude Jews from many jobs opportunities.
  • Action "Work-Shy Reich"

    German criminal police arrest 9,000 people within june 13-18 for being "asocials" or convicted criminals and sent them to concetration camps. One thousand of the nine thousand were Jewish making it the first mass arrest of Jews in Nazi Germany
  • Evian Conference

    Delegates from 32 countries and refugee aid organizations have a conference in Evian, France starting the 6th of July to the 15th. They meet to discuss options for letting Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany as immigrants in Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Australia, but most countries were unwilling to ease their immigration restrictions.
  • Israel and Sarah

    The minister of the interior decrees that all Jewish men and woman with names not-recognizable as Jewish need to have a the middle name Israel for men and Sarah for women.
  • Munich agreement

    Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and France sign the munich agreement which says Czech has to surrender it's border and defenses to Nazi Germany
  • Night of Broken Glass

    Night of Broken Glass
    Night of broken glass was the night of countless riots that took place in the German state that destroyed most synagogues, homes, Jewish owned-businesses, and killed at least 91 Jews. The SS chief and chief of German police ordered the arrest of up to 30,000 Jews
  • Segregated schools

    German authorities ban Jewish children from German public schools, Jewish children only attended Jewish schools that were financed and managed by the Jewish community.
  • The UK takes in children

    December 1938-August 1939 The UK admits between 9,000 and 10,000 primarily Jewish child refugees from the Greater German Reich.
  • Decree on the Utilization of Jewish Property

    The German government forces all Jews to sell immovable property, businesses, and stocks to non-Jews, way below market value.