The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the Jews

By Syd<3
  • Enabling Act

    The purpose of this law was to create propaganda that makes Hitler look like a good leader so that everyone votes for him to be the new chancellor for Germany. This shows persecution because Jewish people didn’t know any information on them getting attacked.
  • Boycott of Jewish Businesses

    The Nazi Party released a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses that only lasted one day they did this to try a drive jews away from the German economy. This shows persecution because it's hurtful to the jews by saying that people shouldn’t shop at their stores because they're jewish.
  • Civil Service Law

    This law was put in place to remove Jews and political opponents of Nazis from civil service positions, or like everyday places including, School, University, and government jobs. This didn’t apply to people who had been in the job before August 1941, people who had fought in World War 1 or lost a father or son in the war. This shows persecution because the Jews did nothing wrong to need to get removed.
  • Education Law

    This law made it so Jewish students had to leave public schools and start attending private schools. This law made it so only 5 percent of the population in schools This shows persecution because Jewish children got kicked out of public schools.
  • Burning of “Un-German” Books

    Basically, what happened in this event is Hitler ordered all of the Nazis to burn all of the books, almost, because the only books considered to be okay were ones that were pro-nazi. Any book that was Anti-Nazi, Un-German, or published by a Jew was burned. This shows persecution because the Nazis burned the jew's books not because it was bad but because it was published by a jew.
  • Reich Citizenship Law

    who was Jewish and who was not. Those with 3 or 4 Jewish grandparents were considered jews. This law, along with the law for the protection of German blood and German honor, institutionalized many of the racial theories and ideology of the Nazi Party. This shows persecution because even if you weren’t Jewish if you had 3 or 4 grandparents that were Jewish you were Jewish.
  • Jewish Name Law

    The law of Jewish name law required Jews that didn't have the first name to take the middle names of Israel for men and Sara for women. This shows persecution because jews couldn’t keep the original name they had to change their name so no matter what.
  • Kristallnacht Attacks

    Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) started after a Polish-Jewish teenager learned his family was deported from Germany, then, because of that, he shot a German diplomat in Paris. After that, Nazi supporters launched planned attacks on Jewish homes, stores, cemeteries, and synagogues. This shows persecution because people were destroying Jewish places and shops.
  • First Prisoners Arrive at Auschwitz

    In June 1940 all Christan and Jewish people were put into concentration camps and most of them went to the most popular camp of all Auschwitz and were imprisoned for years and tested on and killed. This shows persecution because Jewish people were put in concentration camps just for being Jewish.
  • Mass Murder Begins at Chelmno

    Chelmno was the first Major killing operation in order to annihilate the Jewish population. Chelmno was also the first location to use gas to mass-murder Jews. At least 172,000 Jews and others were killed here. This shows persecution because most Jews were killed because they were Jewish.
  • Max Rosenblat

    Nazis persecuted Max in 1942 and his parents tried to hide him when their ghetto was being raided up but they were found and gassed as soon as they got to the concentration camp.