The Decline of The Roman Empire and the Rise of Christanity

  • 210

    Pax Romana a period of peace in the empire ends

  • 284

    Emperor Diocletian divides Empire in 4

    divides empire in 4 sections for easier rule
  • 300

    Christian Church begins organizing itself

  • 312

    Constantine becomes emperor

  • 378

    Visigoths conquer Western Roman Forces

  • 392

    Theodosius makes Christianity official religion in empire

  • 395

    Empire divided in Western and Eastern Roman Empire

  • 410

    Visigoths capture, loot and burn Rome

  • 455

    Vandals enter Rome and burn and loot city

  • 476

    End of Roman Empire German General overthrows emperor.

  • 527

    Justinian is Emperor Eastern Roman Empire

  • Jan 1, 600

    The Bishop of Rome claims authority over all Bishops

    Church in Byzantine doesn't accept this and the churches split. Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church.