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The Dark Age

  • Period: 347 to 395

    Theodosius I

    He was a Roman emperor. He ruled over the eastern and western halves of Rome. The Eastern Orthodox Church recognized him as Saint Thedosius. He made Christianity the official state religion of the Roman empire.
  • Period: 372 to 410

    Collapse of Rome

    The population of Rome had decreased from 65 million to 50 million, about 20%. The empire's taxable income reduced from the declination of agriculture and economic activity.
  • Period: 400 to Jan 1, 800

    Barbarian Invasion

    A huge amount of people migrated to Europe. The migration was caused by the profound changes within the Roman Empire. The people first migranted westward and southward then they spreaded all over the place.
  • Period: 467 to Jan 1, 1300

    Dark Ages

  • Oct 14, 1066

    Batltle of Hastings

    Batltle of Hastings
    This was a battle between the Norman-French army led by Duke William II of Normandy and the english army under King Harold II at the Senlac Hill.
  • Jan 1, 1100

    William the Conqueror

    William the Conqueror
    He was a general. He always won every battle he has been it in. His army was led to victory.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1100 to Jan 1, 1300


    Leprosy was the most feared disease. It was very rampant across Western Europe. It was found in many colonies
  • Oct 8, 1122

    Concordat of worm

    Concordat of worm
    This was an agreement between the Pope and the emperor. It brought an end to the first phase of the power stuggle between the Papacy and the emperor.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1263 to Jan 1, 1267

    The Baron

    A civil war between the force of a number of barons led by Simon de Montfort against the Royalist force led by Prince Edward. The baron had won the victory.
  • Period: Oct 8, 1347 to Oct 8, 1350


    This has killed thousands of people within a very short timeframe. The most famous is called Black Death.