The Byzantine Empire

  • 330


    Constantine founds new capital of Roman Empire in Greek city Byzantium (Constantinople).
  • Period: 330 to 337


  • 337

    Constantine's Death

  • 526

    Justinian's Reign Begins

    Justinian's Reign Begins
    Justinian's reign begins and he reconquers parts of the Western Empire.
  • Period: 526 to 565


  • 537

    Hagia Sofia

    Hagia Sofia
    Hagia Sofia Completed
  • 565

    Justinian's Death

    Justinian's Death
  • Jan 1, 610

    Emporer Heraclius

    Emporer Heraclius
    Heraclius I becomes emporer with the new 'theme system.
  • Jan 2, 610


  • Jan 1, 1054


    The great Schism. Split between Latin Roman Church and Greek Orthodox Church
  • Jan 1, 1055

    Loss of S. Italy to Normans

  • Mar 13, 1087

    Byzantine army defeated in Thrace

  • Jan 1, 1453

    End of Empire

    Constantinople falls to the Ottomans after invasions.
  • Roman Empire Divides

    Roman Empire divides with Western Empire based in Rome and Eastern in Constantinople.
  • Muslim Invasion

    Muslims take North Africa and a large Muslim force begins to attack Constantinople by land and sea.
  • Bulgarian Unsuccessful Attack

  • Basil II becomes Emporer

    Reconquers Syria from Muslims and Greece from Bulgars
  • Period: to 533

    Codification of Previous Roman Laws

    Roman laws codified into one document by Justinian