Cousin love

The birth, life, and death of Emily Mimnaugh

  • Prenatal Development and Birth

    I was born at 9:01am at St. Mary Hospital in Livonia Michigan. I believe I was conceived sometime around the middle of September 1987. I weighed nine pounds even and was 20 inches long.
  • The first two years: Biosocial Development

    1988-1990 When I was born I had blonde hair and blue eyes. As I got older, my hair color turned brown but my eyes stayede blue. My mother told me I was a wonderful baby. She said I slept a lot through most nights and rarely gave her any trouble. However, she did say I was born with an immature nervous system that had to be closely monitored by regular doctor appointments.
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive Development

    1988-1990 I started to walk when I was 9 months old, and by 10 months I was climbing. My mom would have to put the chairs on top of the kitchen table so I wouldn't climb them. My first word was "no".
  • The First Two Years: Psychosocial Development

    1988-1990 When I was born I was the youngest child. I have one older brother and we are six years apart. My dad worked midnights and my mom worked days, so my brother and I spent a lot of time with our grandparents.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Development

    I looked up to my older brother a lot and always wanted to play with him. I loved being outside playing with my barbie car, or playing with friends. I started pre-school when I was three years old. After school my Grandma would pick me up and take me to Mcdonalds until my mom got off of work.
  • The Play Years: Biosocial Development

    I was around the same height and weight as the other girls in my class at this time. My favorite things to eat were scrambled eggs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My family has a cottage in Atlanta Michigan. In the summer, we would go swimming at the lake and my Aunt Vicki would catch me off of the big slide.
  • The Play Years: Psychosocial development

    I just started kindergarten. I remember my favorite part of the day was story time. I loved being read to and would often make my brother read to me and help me learn at night. I knew all of my nursery rhymes and the Pledge of Allegiance from my Grandpa. My parents raised me in an Authoritative household.
  • The School Years: Cognitive

    I was always a good student. I loved reading and spelling the most. My least favorite was math. I loved to write stories and poems and in the first grade I won an award from a talent quest agency that came to my school. They gave it to me in an assembly in front of the whole school. I was really excited.
  • The School Years: Biosocial

    I was still around the same height as everyone else in my class. I was never bullied in school and from many was considered to be part of the popular crowd. My house phone was always ringing and it would drive my parents nuts! I loved cheerleading and playing softball.
  • The School Years: Psychosocial

    I attended Emerson Middle School for 7th and 8th grade. There were a lot of kids in my class and although I didn't know everyone, I tried to get along with everyone. I had four best friends. I have a nuclear family and we are very close. My parents tried to give me everything they never had and often much more. They have always been there for me, supporting me in everything I do.
  • Biosocial-Adolescence

    During this stage of adolescence I was pretty much average with all the other girls in my class. The only thing was that I was a little bit shorter than most girls. I started puberty about the same time as most girls in my class. I was pretty skinny. Besides my height, I was pretty average. I never did drugs during this time.
  • Cognitive- Adolescence

    I cared about my appearance and always liked to be ready for school. When I got to high school I played softball and cheerleading. I was a good student. I always had my homework done and showed up to class. I mostly got A's and some B's. My parents were very proud of me.
  • Psychosocial- Adolescence

    I have always gotten along with my parents. I consider them to be my best friends. They are always there for me and support me in everything I do. In the 10th grade I got my first serious boyfriend. They did not like him and things got bad.
  • Biosocial- Emerging Adulthood

    During this time I attended Schoolcraft College. My first year of college was challenging. It was hard to balance school full-time, friends, and work. I remember the first day of class I called my brother and cried because I was too scared to go in.
  • Cognitive- Emerging Adulthood

    On september 11th of 2006 my grandfather passed away. In 2007 I got sick a lot with mono. I was trying to balance too many things at once.
  • Psychosocial- Emerging Adulthood

    I have been working with my mom at Murray's Jewelry for a while now, and I am miserable. I decide to find a new job and move out on my own with my best friends. We moved in together in August 2008.
  • Biosocial- Adulthood

    By the time I am 30 I hope to be graduated from school and working at a job I enjoy and love. I also hope to be married and have kids at this time. I did smoke for 10 years prior and I hope this does not have effects on my health later on. I have no lining in my bladder now and it is descending, so I know there will be more problems in the future.
  • Cognitive- Adulthood

    With my masters degree, along with my husband's, we make quite a living. Our children are well provided for and have a comfy life. They will go to public schools and hopefully have a trust fund set up for them. I hope they get involved with sports or school clubs.
  • Psychosocial- Adulthood

    Both aides of my family tend to live long lives. When my parents pass it will be the most extremely devastating thing to me. My husband will be my rock and will help me through this hard time in my life. My friends are also amazing and are always there for me.
  • Late Adulthood- Psychosocial

    My profession has become harder and harder for me so I retired. I exercise every day to keep moving, and am now more involved with my grandchildrens activities. I also sing in my Church's choir.
  • Late Adulthood- Biosocial

    I am now 65 years old and have just celebrated my 40th wedding anniversery. I have three children, and seven grandchildren. At the age of 60 I got a hysterectomy and another bladder suspension. Other then that my health is great.
  • Late Adulthood- Cognitive

    My health is not what it used to be. It is starting to deteriorate. My husband's health is great. I have been diagnosed with lung cancer. The prognosis is not good.
  • Epilogue- Death and Dying

    The day of my death. At the age of 82 I lost my battle with lung cancer. I am survived by my wonderful husband of 60 years, three children, 7 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. I am remembered for my work as a nurse and volunteering at my church.