Our Precious Four Months

  • First Sight

    First Sight
    I met you the first day of senior year. You were brand new to the school. You were wearing a boy's button down shirt and jean shorts. You tapped me on the schoulder and asked me if I could show you the way to second hour. I told you "no" only because I was embarrassed of my injury. Then, in Spanish, we made up those awful stories about each other. I made your story up, so that the snobby cheerleaders would forget you. You made my story up, which turned out to be true, as revenge.
  • Getting to Know You

    Getting to Know You
    You wore a plaid dress the second day I saw you. It was so strange. You, Cassidy Thorpe, were not like any of the other girls at Eastwood High School. You were your own creature. You stood out. That intimidated the popular girls. We ran in to Toby Ellicott. I was shocked to find out that you two knew each other. We were partners in Speech and Debate class. I secretly signed you up for debate only because Toby signed me up first.
  • Let Me Take You Home

    Let Me Take You Home
    I ran in to you today by accident. We were both coming out of meetings with our advisors. I offered to take you home, and you let me. I somehow managed to put your bike in the back of my Volvo with my injury. On the way home, I dreamt of what it would be like for there to be an "us". You didn't want to go home, so I took you to a park by our houses. You ran to the swing set. There were stars in your eyes. You were effortlessly beautiful.
  • WHAT?!

    I almost died today. I thought you were going to kill me. Remeber when I signed you up for debate? Of course not. I didn't tell you. We went to Ms. Weng's room to talk about debate team. When we tried to explain our situation, Ms. Weng just ignored us. You looked furious. I had never seen you like that before. It wasn't the prettiest you. I didn't like the way you treated me. I didn't know why you were so mad.
  • The Floating Theater

    The Floating Theater
    A group of students watched "Rushmore" in the teacher's lounge. No one knew we were in there. You still hadn't talked to me. I was a little hurt. I wanted to fix everything. I didn't focus on the movie. I kept my eyes on you. The emotion on your face did not match the movie. I wanted to know every single thought that went through your mind. You approached me after the movie. You didn't seem so upset. When our friends said they had plans that weekend, you made plans for us on the spot.
  • We Can't Do That

    We Can't Do That
    You took me to college. I still cannot believe we weren't caught. We went to the University Town Center. You made me your protege that day. We went to a couple english classes. We were going to go to a history class, but we accidentally went to a chemistry class. I really enjoyed the chemistry. I surprised myself! You asked what my college plans were, and I gave the wrong answer. I thought I would stay close to home. You did NOT like that answer at all.
  • So This is Studying

    So This is Studying
    Remember the day you and Toby took me to buy a suit. I was so glad it was not my mom with me. After we found a suit, the three of us went to Barnes and Noble's cafe to study. I had tried that once with my ex, but we ended up at her house doing other things if you know what I mean. You showed me we could have a good time without fooling around. Then, we grabbed dinner. My old crew was there. We sat with them. I regret that everything I think about that. It was the worst.
  • Morse Code

    Morse Code
    Morse code. What teenagers use morse code? We did, because we were not normal. I remember the exact message. You flashed, "HI HI." I replied with "HI." That's as far as we ever got. You never said more. You always kept me wanting more. I guess that is why we lasted as long as we did.
  • That is NOT in the Dress Code.

    That is NOT in the Dress Code.
    You wore a Harry Potter tie at my first debate competition. You never ceased to amaze me. There was always one surprise after another. Phoebe thought I looked cute in my suit. I did not want anyone getting used to that new look. I was only in debate because I couldn't play tennis and the people I chose to hang out with were in debate.
  • Us...umm...ok?

    We shared a bed. You in your pajamas. Me in my boxers and a t-shirt. You thought nothing of it. I was a little embarrassed. That night was unbelievable. It felt so perfect, but at the same time, we were only in high school. I was ready to go further, but there were other people in the room. We didn't want to disturb them.
  • You lied to me.

    You lied to me.
    You lied to me. I can't believe you lied to me. What did I do to you to deserve that? I am a moral person. I don't cheat or use CliffNotes. You switched our names. You got my room number, so that you could switch our room numbers. I couldn't stay mad at you. You used morse code to apologize. I replied, "ALWAYS."
  • Team breakfast, sure!

    Team breakfast, sure!
    I still can't believe you came to my house and talked to my parents. I was sound asleep in my bed. It was early, but you were there. I got ready in five minutes just so I could get you out of my house. We told my parents we were going to your house for team breakfast, but we went geocaching. I loved all the adventures you took me on. We took my dog, Cooper.
  • Let's Park

    Let's Park
    Once I finally got the nerve up, I texted you. You replied, and it was my turn to make the plans. I took you to see the fireworks at Disneyland. We didn't go to Disney. I took you to some beat up parking lot. We went through my sunroof and sat on the roof. That night I also got the nerve to kiss you. We made out on the roof for a little bit. Then, you got in my backseat. We didn't only see the fireworks that night. We also made them.
  • Official

    We became official the night I took you to see the fireworks. Everyone at school could tell we were something special. They stared at us as we went to lunch that week. We made people jealous. We shared occasional kisses and held hands. Other students wanted to be Ezra and Cassidy, and we could have cared less.
  • Silent White Boy

    Silent White Boy
    The silent flashmob was something for the record. I had never experienced anything like it. A group of teenagers large enough to fill a mall food court dancing to their own music. I watched you let loose. After watching you, I felt like I had permission to let go myself. I used all of my "white boy" moves until you brought me back down to earth to look at the others. It was truly magical.
  • I Found the New Me.

    I Found the New Me.
    On one of our many dates, you took me to second hand stores to buy clothes that fit. I had lost a significant amount of weight after my accident. It was time for a new look now that I wasn't hanging out with my old group of friends. We found a leather jacket. We knew it was perfect.
  • Naughty Us

    Naughty Us
    Even though I had a new style, I still kept some of my old ways. If I was in my bedroom with my girlfriend, we were going to do some...well...stuff. I let you look around my room before kicking Cooper out. I put my lips to yours and we saw some more fireworks. There were some obstacles, but nothing we couldn't manage.
  • Young at Heart

    Young at Heart
    I took you to the movies. We saw a forgetable movie. Afterwards, we stopped at the store to get some kind of candy bar I had never tried. I took you to the park. We climbed to the top of the castle to eat our candy. We were young again for a short while. I felt like I was on top of the world. Nothing could ever go wrong as long as we were together.
  • Please Answer Me

    Please Answer Me
    I asked you to homecoming by a Starbucks coffee cup. Of course you said yes. The day of the dance, I was waiting in a never-ending line to get your corsage. I texted you a picture of a hot pink lei. You didn't like that too much. You called to make sure I didn't actually buy the lei. During the phone call, a friend in a SUV scared me to death! I told you and you acted strange. I coudn't find you that night. You disappeared right before the dance. When I finally found you, you acted strange.
  • All You Are Giving Me is the Cold Shoulder

    All You Are Giving Me is the Cold Shoulder
    You could have hated me all you wanted, but I still did not know what I did or said to make you hate me. You gave me the cold shoulder at school. I ran into you at Dr. Cohen's office. That is when I made you talk to me. You were vague. I still did not understand. I still wanted to be with you every moment of every day.
  • Toby Had to Tell Me

    Toby Had to Tell Me
    I waited until I could not take one more second of not knowing. I had Toby do my dirty work. He went to a debate tournament to get information. I found out about your brother. He died. Why couldn't you tell me that, Cassidy? I would have understood. All you had to do was tell me. Was that too much to ask?
  • Last Try

    Last Try
    I tried one last time, because I still wanted you. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to be your everything. I made you a snowman out of tumbleweeds. I tried to be creative and think, "What would Cassidy do?", but you didn't go for that either. I started to take Cooper home when a coyote attacked him. We rushed Cooper to the vet, but they could not do anything. My dog died, because I tried to impress you.
  • My Future is Bright.

    My Future is Bright.
    It has been a year since I last saw you. I know we will never be together again. You explained everything. You explained that it was your brother who drove off angry in your mom's SUV. He was the one who hit me that night. My tennis career was ruined because of your brother. You cannot live with that guilt and pain. I understand. I pursued my dream. I am going to college in the East. I left California to live MY life. I wish you the best. Thank you for our precious four months Cassidy Thorpe.