texas revolutions timeline

  • siege of the alamo

    bowie, travis, and the texans began fortifying the alamo and san antonio in expectation of a counter attack. general santa anna and the mexican army started to go north to take back san antonio de bexar santa anna's men arrived at de bexar so the texans went from the town to the alamo for better protection against santa anna and his men. santa anna demanded surrender at discretion from the texans, and travis responded with a cannon shot at the mexican army.
  • The battle of gonzales

    green de witt was the founder of gonzales and was worried about the hostile natives so santa anna the leader of the mexico gave them a small cannon for protection but wanted it back later but de witt said no and his wife sarah de witt mad the famous come and take it flag so they fought for it and after they shot and killed one of santa anna's soldiers the battle of gonzales started and when it ended texas had won.
  • Period: to

    Texas revolution

  • siege of bexar

    people like james bowie, james fannin, and juan seguin started arriving at the outskirts of the town under the command of stephen f austin, and on october 28th the Texan army lay siege to san antonio and the mexican army at mission concepcion. bowie and fannin lead Texas to victory against the 275 mexican troops.
  • The Grass fight

    james bowie and the texan army attacked the mule train because they thought that the mule train had silver for the mexican army, but instead it had grass and hay for the mexicans horses because with the arrival of winter grass and hay were in short supply so when the texans took the hay the mexicans couldn't feed their horses.
  • the battle of the alamo

    on the 13th day of the siege the battle commenced the but fighting only lasted 90 minutes, and by the end texans like david crockett, travis williams, james bowie, and all of the other texans fighting at the alamo died. santa anna ordered all the remains to be burned which made all the texans mad.
  • the battle of san jacinto

    sam houston and the texans attacked santa anna and his army at the river san jacinto it was a very short battle because they demolished santa anna, and the mexican army in only 18 minutes with cries of remember the alamo reverberating across the river, and around texas the following day they captured santa anna an agreement was made, and the republic of texas was born.