Texas Revolution Timeline

  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    Spanish agreed to allow Moser Austin to create colony in Tejas. Pictured: Moses Austin
  • Period: to

    Texas Revelution

  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    Over 300 settler families came to Tejas to look for a new life, escaping from the law, or planning on getting rich.
  • Out lawing slavery

    Out lawing slavery
    Slave owners became angry when Mexico outlined slavery. Pictured: Mexican Slaves
  • Growing Population

    Growing Population
    The Texas population rises to 25,000, outnumbering Tejas 6 to 1. Pictured: Texas population, 1830.
  • List of requests

    List of requests
    Austin went to Mexico City to present a list of requests to Mexican officials. Mexican President, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna agreed. Pictured: General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  • More troops sent

    More troops sent
    Santa Anna sent more troops into the town of Gonzales to seize the canon for protection. The failed to capture the canon. Pictured: The Canon in Gonzales
  • Texas Army

    Texas Army
    Texans met with a settlement to decide what to do with Santa Anna's troop. They decided Texas was free and an idependent republic, and put Sam Houstin in command of the Texas Army.
  • Surrounding San Antonio

    Surrounding San Antonio
    Santa Anna's troops surround San Antonio. The next day, they began the Alamo.
  • "Remember the Alamo!"

    "Remember the Alamo!"
    Houston suprised Santa Anna and began screaming "Remember the Alamo!" The Texas Army got the advantage and killed half the Mexican Army, Santa Anna had to sign a treaty giving Texas it's freedom.
  • The Lone Star Republic

    The Lone Star Republic
    Texans raised the official flag of their new independent nation, nicknamed 'The Lone Star Republic'. Sam Houston was elected President.