texas revolution

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  • declaration of independenc

    it was sind to stop wat was happenen at the time
  • Period: to

    fredonian rebellion

    the fredonian rebellion was the ferst etenpes of anglowes in texas to secan from mexeco
  • mier y teran report

    After the Fredonian Rebellion, the Mexican government sent General Manuel Mier y Terán, A well respected commander, to go and investigate what was happening. ... He made it clear Mexico needs to get in control of Texas. The Mexican government wanted to make Texas less appealing to colonists
  • law of april 6 1830

    it weas valaw to mack serten thenge e legel
  • turtle bayou resolutions

    a grop of anglows staged a rebellion against Mexican rule in the town of Anahuac, near Galveston
  • Period: to

    battle of gonzalez

    it was the ferst gatel in the texas revolution
  • capture of san antono

    they caprerd san antono after the seg of the alemo
  • massacre of goliad

    texas solders war capterd and killed so it was celd a massacre
  • treaty of velasco

    it was sind to stop the war and in it
  • Period: to

    the runaway scrape

    it was wen a vileg left with awet clenen up and bernd the vileg
  • battle of son jacinto

    thay fenesht the war with the battle of son jacinto
  • Period: to

    siege of the alamo

    it was tacken plas 31 days after the battil of the alamo